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New to namepros, no knowledge, 50 domains in portfolio

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  1. kmonk

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    I sell them at 6X at most but only for the domain explaining to them in that in good faith what I do is to restore their website. I even redirect them to their previous version of archive.org to see my intent in helping.

    Percentage of sales is slow so far but I keep in mind, not a month has passed since I started so averages:
    12% sold or restored so far.
    50% interested in the domain only the other 40% interested in hosting and restoring 10% domain and hosting (to have emails and a landing page with a logo).
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  2. SuperBrander

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    @kmonk Thanks for your reply. Glad that it was helpful. On the one hand, I think there's no doubt you're helping some of the people you contact. And by your latest reply- your prices aren't too high. On the other hand, it will still be perceived by many as taking advantage of their situation (which it is). People often call domainers squatters. But what you're doing is even more problematic than that because you're buying with the intent to target these owners and actively engaging them in order to get money. Since there are also some legal issues about it and as you understand yourself- the whole matter resides on the darker side of domaining- you should probably tunnel your creativity to regular domain trading. You definitely seem like a person who has the potential and the abilities to make a lot of money. Good luck!
  3. Ategy.com

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    Hello @kmonk .. and welcome to NamePros! :)

    I think a lot of people weren't as clear as could be .. so just so it's crystal clear .. the moment you take ANY content from a previous website created by someone else without their PRIOR permission you are infringing on their intellectual property. PERIOD. It is both illegal and immoral. PERIOD!

    What also could be problematic is that even just getting a domain name (and not putting old content back up) and targeting resale to a specific business or person who still holds trademark rights to the name (even if the mark is not registered) could also certainly get you hit with a UDRP.

    What's saving you is that your prices are significantly less than what legal action would cost them, but unfortunately despite your good intentions it does not make what you're doing any less illegal.

    I would say that you should try contacting the previous owner before putting the old content back up and offer them your restoration service .. but then you also have the issue of acquiring the domain name in a non-trademark infringing fashion .. as you hit a legal obstacle the moment you contact the previous owner with a sales pitch.

    As others have suggested, in future grab domains based on the quality of the domain .. become a real domainer .. although that certainly isn't any easier .. but there's a whole forum on how to do that .. lol

    Best of luck to you going forward! :)
  4. rubencouto

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    Hello @kmonk !

    Welcome to NamePros! :)
  5. xynames

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  6. kmonk

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    Hi @SuperBrander and @Ategy.com ,
    I might have started in the wrong path, all I have in my portfolio are ccTLDs a bit more expensive than gTLDs (I learned those definitions here so yes I'm a newbie), I have 2 very nice names that would not be restored and aren't trademarks. One a 3 letter acronym and the other one a 4 letter domain that has traffic since 1998.
    Well, the point is that your messages have been extremely helpful. I was not expecting this, great community, I'm new and I would love to be able to give back some of my knowledge as I get it over the time. I'm now more focused on the value of the domain itself rather than helping to restore, even if it takes me one day to fully restore it, send my bank account info (yes, customers believe more in bank transfers rather than paypal or escrow services, that is because where I live), get the payment and set up email accounts, it's not worth it.
    Thank you.
  7. AIS01

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    Super Welcome To nP...:)
  8. wizard

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