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    What many domain investors don't understand is that the new gTLD's are very much about branding. A lot of people just simply don't, and never will, get it, but that doesn't mean you need to make a lot of silly investments due to your lack of a knack for marketing. Yes, you read that right: you can from here forward stop throwing a little less of your money down the loo! Below you will find a cheat sheet with a brief rundown of which new gTLD's will weather the storm and have any significant relevancy in the coming years.

    But.. but... how do you know?!! you must be wondering.

    "Surely he must either be in possession of a magical crystal ball, or perhaps has been visited by a time traveling domainer from the future!"

    Those are, of course, very natural assumptions, but in fact, the answer is much simpler: I have always had a natural knack for marketing, which happens to be a valuable, yet commonly-overlooked trait when it comes to domain investing. What really makes one domain better than the other? Why isn't shorter always better? If you don't have a good grasp on the psychology of marketing, you're at a disadvantage already in this business. Many domainers are very technical-minded people who don't actually understand the basics of what makes a domain name valuable; there's a lot more to it than statistics. [Having expertise of the language you're dealing with is crucial as well!]

    Want to save yourself some time and money and get around all the bs you see thrown around here on an hourly basis?

    Read on.

    You will know it is time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring, like this.


    Just kidding. This won't take long.

    There are sooo many new gTLD's that I will initially go over just a handful. Curious about one I've not included? Comment below.

    Let's begin now.

    - - -

    Read these aloud:

    CNN com (doesn't sound so great, but it's ingrained in our minds)
    CNN top
    CNN xyz
    CNN win
    CNN link
    CNN click
    CNN bid
    CNN management
    CNN site

    CNN news
    CNN web
    CNN website
    CNN tech

    CNN club
    CNN onl
    CNN online
    CNN TV

    Apple com
    Apple top
    Apple xyz
    Apple win
    Apple link
    Apple click
    Apple bid
    Apple management
    Apple site

    Apple news
    Apple web
    Apple website
    Apple tech
    Apple host

    Apple VIP
    Apple club
    Apple onl
    Apple online
    Apple TV

    Google com
    Google top
    Google xyz
    Google win
    Google link
    Google click
    Google bid
    Google work
    Google ninja
    Google management
    Google site
    Google web
    Google website

    Google news
    Google tech
    Google host
    Google VIP

    Google club
    Google onl
    Google online
    Google TV

    Sony com
    Sony top
    Sony xyz
    Sony win
    Sony link
    Sony click
    Sony bid
    Sony work
    Sony ninja
    Sony management
    Sony site
    Sony web
    Sony website

    Sony news
    Sony tech
    Sony host

    Sony VIP
    Sony club
    Sony onl
    Sony online
    Sony TV

    Boston com
    Boston top
    Boston xyz
    Boston win
    Boston link
    Boston click
    Boston bid
    Boston work
    Boston ninja
    Boston management
    Boston site
    Boston web
    Boston website

    Boston news
    Boston tech
    Boston host
    Boston VIP

    Boston club
    Boston onl
    Boston online
    Boston TV

    New England com
    New England top
    New England xyz
    New England win
    New England link
    New England click
    New England bid
    New England work
    New England ninja
    New England management
    New England site
    New England web
    New England website
    New England news
    New England tech
    New England host
    New England VIP

    New England club
    New England onl
    New England online
    New England TV

    Times com
    Times top
    Times xyz
    Times win
    Times link
    Times click
    Times bid
    Times work
    Times ninja
    Times management
    Times site
    Times web
    Times website

    Times news
    Times tech
    Times host
    Times VIP

    Times club
    Times onl
    Times online
    Times TV

    Reddit com
    Reddit top
    Reddit xyz
    Reddit win
    Reddit link
    Reddit click
    Reddit bid
    Reddit work
    Reddit ninja
    Reddit management
    Reddit site
    Reddit web
    Reddit website

    Reddit news
    Reddit tech
    Reddit host

    Reddit VIP
    Reddit club
    Reddit onl
    Reddit online
    Reddit TV

    Toy com
    Toy top
    Toy xyz
    Toy win
    Toy link
    Toy click
    Toy bid
    Toy work
    Toy ninja
    Toy management
    Toy site (not terrible actually, in this case)
    Toy web
    Toy website
    Toy news
    Toy tech
    Toy host
    Toy VIP
    Toy club
    Toy onl
    Toy online (kind of meh actually in this case)
    Toy TV

    Toys com (doesn't sound so great, but it's ingrained in our minds)
    Toys top
    Toys xyz
    Toys win
    Toys link
    Toys click
    Toys bid
    Toys work
    Toys ninja
    Toys management
    Toys site
    Toys web
    Toys website
    Toys news (the plural doesn't work well)
    Toys tech
    Toys host

    Toys VIP
    Toys club (the singular is far better!)
    Toys onl
    Toys online
    Toys TV (the singular is far better!)

    LawnMower com (doesn't sound so great, but it's ingrained in our minds)

    LawnMower top
    LawnMower xyz
    LawnMower win
    LawnMower link
    LawnMower click
    LawnMower bid
    LawnMower work
    LawnMower ninja
    LawnMower management
    LawnMower site
    LawnMower web
    LawnMower website
    LawnMower news
    LawnMower tech
    LawnMower host
    LawnMower VIP
    LawnMower club (doesn't really fit the extension that well, but many's do)

    LawnMower onl
    LawnMower online (the singular is meh)
    LawnMower TV (doesn't fit the extension)

    LawnMowers com (doesn't sound so great, but it's ingrained in our minds)

    LawnMowers top
    LawnMowers xyz
    LawnMowers win (no they don't)
    LawnMowers link
    LawnMowers click (well, they shouldn't)
    LawnMowers bid (no they don't)
    LawnMowers work (well, hopefully they do)
    LawnMowers ninja
    LawnMowers management
    LawnMowers site
    LawnMowers web
    LawnMowers website
    LawnMowers news
    LawnMowers tech
    LawnMowers host
    LawnMowers VIP
    LawnMowers club (doesn't really fit the extension that well)

    LawnMowers onl
    LawnMowers online (buy lawn mowers online)
    LawnMowers TV (doesn't fit the extension)

    Namepros com

    Namepros top
    Namepros xyz
    Namepros win
    Namepros link
    Namepros click
    Namepros bid
    Namepros work
    Namepros ninja
    Namepros management
    Namepros site
    Namepros web
    Namepros website
    Namepros news
    Namepros tech
    Namepros host
    Namepros VIP
    Namepros club
    Namepros onl
    Namepros online
    Namepros TV


    .com is KING, and always will be.... although there is undoubtedly a growing list of viable alternatives.

    .top sucks (top? what?)
    .win sucks (see above)
    .xyz sucks (so obvious it's not even worth getting into)
    .site sucks (it's redundant, in a way much worse than .online)
    .web sucks (world wide web.... what year is it?!)
    .website sucks (it's just so clunky, without the branding appeal of .online)
    .click sucks (isn't clicking on the way out anyways? Tap is the new click)
    .link sucks (unless a company like Datalink can get
    .bid sucks
    .work sucks
    .ninja sucks (let's face it, the ninja thing is passé)
    .management sucks (this is one gtld I can dismiss based solely on its length)
    .news overall not a lot of great domains, compared to many gtld's, but can work well for brands, niches, short geos
    .tech overall a pretty big meh investment-wise, but it will work for some companies (
    .host overall a pretty big meh investment-wise, but it will work for some companies (
    .vip overall a pretty big meh investment-wise, but it will work for some companies (
    .club is nice for a wide variety of purposes and will weather the storm
    .onl sucks (dot O N L..... are you kidding me?)
    .online makes sense. Don't believe me? Well, "online" is the most common domain suffix in the world...
    .tv makes sense, and will continue to grow in usage (yes I know it's technically a cctld)


    .net: desirability will continue to decline, as there are tons of new not-com options that are more meaningful

    .org: desirability will slowly decline, but .org will still be the go-to for non-profits
    .info: will slide further into irrelevancy
    .biz: will slide further into irrelevancy
    .mobi: will slide further into irrelevancy (yes, that is indeed possible)

    (country codes like .de .nl etc) will overall hold steady, but generic alternatives will take a small bite out of their share

    Obviously there are occasional exceptions. Sometimes the singular is beautiful in one gTLD, and ugly in another. But overall, there is something special about the green domains, and if you can't see it, well.... for the sake of your finances, hopefully you'll marinate on this post for a bit and see the light.

    That's all, folks!

    This post is little more than the arrogant opinion of one man, so obviously everyone should do their own research.

    Disagree with my conclusions? Comment below and tell me how ya really feel!


    (Some of the coloring is irrevocably mucked up, but you
    'll figure it out)

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  2. Brands.International

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    That is great post! I have very similar feelings/expectations for most TLDs mentioned in your article.
  3. TopShelf Domains

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    Stopped reading after this. Was an interesting post up until this. I am not sure if you took into consideration .brands o r not

    I also do not think you took into consideration combos that are brandable. It is not just it is or something like that. I think you just took into consideration brand.gtlds. Did I miss something?

    But it doesn't matter because if we do not see any viral uses of the new extensions it won't matter.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
  4. 000

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    Do you see .com being dethroned by a single alternative extension? If so, which one?

    Within 3-5 years it will be so common to see new gTLD's that .com will no longer be viewed as "necessary", but I really don't see there ever being any go-to, default extension besides .com. Mark my words, in 2050, assuming domain names are still at all relevant, .com will still be the most-used domain worldwide.

    There will be exceptions in all gTLD's. A select number of people will always find a way to turn a profit, regardless of the extension. But I'm considering the overall value of these gTLD's for domain investment purposes: as in, will there be thousands of GREAT names in that gTLD, or just a handful?
  5. joro001

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    I agree with much of the OP.

    The one thing i'm not sure about is .net going further downhill. If anything I can see .NET having a renaissance globally with all the new extensions as it is still a solid, meaningful and well aged extension with mass end user adoption and far better then most junk new GTLD's IMHO.

    I am not investing seriously into .net going forward as i'm not sure if domainers can make big money from selling .net to end users as they have too many alternatives but I can see end users seeing .net as the absolute second best option after .com in most cases.

    That aside i'm completely with you regarding the above.
  6. 000

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    I guess my thinking on .net is, if I'm looking at not-com alternatives for my business, I personally would start taking a look at various cool gtld combos rather than just automatically settling for .net as in the past.

    .net will always be viewed by most (at least subconsciously) as being second-rate. It's ingrained in our minds. If you can't get the .com, you go for the (inferior) .net. That was the line of thinking. But imho .net is an outdated word anyways, just like .web (before it even hits the market, oddly enough). "Check us out on the net!" "Check us out on the web!" The net. The web. Meh. Just saying that transports me back to the 90s. I'll go with Online any day. "Check us out online!" There's a reason that more .com's end with "online" than any other word.

    With new gtld's, you can, for the first time (outside of cctlds), actually kind of give off that first-class vibe without .com. Take TSD's above example of for instance. Many even now would argue that "POPS" more than, and the gap in opinions will very much narrow between now and 2020 as consumers more and more become aware of the new alternatives.

    In 2016, if a company tries to be creative and use something like, some naysayers will claim that you're going to confuse people, that it's too early. But by 2020, companies with cool gtlds will widely be praised for their creativity. It's just a matter of time.

    IMHO, hundreds of new options is not good for .net.

    Is it good for .com? Obviously that's an incredibly touchy subject here, with thousands of us well-invested in .com (myself included), but I'm of the opinion that while .com will always remain "KING" (as in, most widely used), .com values have already peaked, for the most part. That's not to say .com's are no longer a viable investment though. I am buying and will continue to buy .com's! But overall, they aren't going to get any easier to sell. The notion that .com will become "more desirable" due to the new gtlds is complete hogwash...... imo ;)
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
  7. ttfan

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    Excellent post 000! That makes a lot of sense, and your examples are excellent!
  8. Kate

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    In just 4 years ? But new extensions are already in the third year and still not gaining traction. Their supporters keep moving the goalposts ("give it some more time").
    Why would "companies with cool gtlds" not be praised today, but in 4 years they will ?

    I think domainers underestimate the resistance to change, how deeply established the 'legacy' extensions are.

    In life there are many innovations that sound like good ideas on paper, but in practice they don't do well. Even the best ideas are powerless if people don't embrace them.
  9. Wannabean

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    Usually because they're before their time.
  10. ambrose.xu

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  11. doubleU

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    I'm sure '.web' was considered when deciding a name/string for the very first generic TLD 31 years ago but it just so happened to be '.com'

    If '.web' was decided 31 years ago, then '.com' could very well have ended up some kind of new gTLD with high renewal fees and belittled as a poor alternative to the king .web

    .com is king because it was the first truly generic unrestricted gTLD introduced for worldwide commercial use.

    By the time newer TLDs were introduced and some even becoming less restrictive it was all too late because .com had already cherry picked the biggest companies and entities in the world many who were already established for decades or even hundreds of years, this truly cannot happen again and that's why .com gained a reputation second to none.
  12. nomen

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    @000 I'd be one of those who think that is visually more appealing than But my personal taste in this matter doesn't mean, or do, a thing. Because general public could not care less. For the 99.9% of the public, domains are the single most boring thing ever. And as they don't care, they default to .COM (and ccTLDs) for years to come.

    I'd love to see new gTLDs thrive because personally I like them. But so far they simply don't (except that some of them have quite impressive, though inflated, reg numbers).

    Anyway, good OP, pretty much agree with your analysis of the viability of the extensions mentioned.
  13. 000

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    The thing is, most of those 99.9% really don't care if they're on a .com, .net, .tv, .club, .rocks., or heck even .xyz! They type in what they're told to type in. The people don't lead, the people follow! They don't even think twice about it. Only we domainers care, or think they care. If someone sees a business' website listed as or, they're going to go there regardless of the extension. Simple as that.

    It's just a whole lot of fear-mongering is what it is...
    "Oh no! It will confuse the people!"
    "Oh no! The people want .com!"
    "Oh no! The people are incapable of adapting to change!"
    "Oh no!"
    "Oh no!"
    "Oh no!"

    Let's get real: the people couldn't give two sh!ts that they aren't going to a .com - and that's why gTLD's will succeed!

    What the naysayers should be crying is "Oh no! I may need to re-evaluate my domain business model!"


    You mean that the same business model won't remain practical for decades on end? Ya don't say!!

    They aren't gaining traction very quickly.... but they are without a doubt gaining traction. Maybe not everywhere, yet, but I'm sure you know that that's just not how technology works. I live in Denver, a well-educated, technologically-savvy city, so it stands to reason that I might start to see new gTLD's in action a little more quickly than someone in, say, Louisiana (a very neat state, but far behind much of the nation/world in tech). Cities like Boston and NYC will always be a step ahead of most parts of the US (hence .boston and .nyc). If I live in Kentucky, it would be foolish of me to expect to see new tech in action at the same rate as if I lived in California. Do you live out in the boonies? Do you use Google much? I use the heck out of Google almost every day of my life, and it is not at all uncommon for me to see new gTLD's in organic search results.

    Will the general U.S. public (I can really only speak about my experience here) be used to frequently visiting new gTLD's in 2020? Abso-lutely! No doubt in my mind. Two years ago, I very much had doubts myself! But at this point, imho, one must be rather oblivious to not see it coming. . .

    From where I'm sitting, ngtld-haters actually drastically overestimate the resistance to change.
    The people are NOT resisting! Old-school domainers are! You are!
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2016
  14. Wass

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    .com is good now :$: and new gTLDs will be good in a few years.:$: It's simple.;)
  15. joro001

    joro001 Top Contributor VIP

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    I agree with much of what you say and indeed I agree that some gtld's are appearing more and more in the serps and will continue to do so going forward. To me though they are absolutely not domainer investing friendly 99% of the time due to crazy prices and/or renewals.

    I do think some will do fine and be adopted more and more by end users, .club, .app etc. but I really think very few domainers will end up making money from gtld's in the long run with how registries have set it all up. They won't admit it but they are cutting the domainer out to a large degree.

    Time will tell if i'm right.
  16. nomen

    nomen Top Contributor VIP

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    @000 I too think that there's a lot of fear-mongering going on when it comes to ngtlds. And I do like new TLDs because many of them make good, easy-to-understand domain names. But to succeed, there should be much, much more development on those domains names. Unfortunately, that is torpedoed by the fact that every single make-sense domain in all commercial new gTLDs is currently owned by a domainer or the registry (except for the type of names). Asking their typical crazy domainer prices (don't get me wrong, I too ask stupid crazy prices).

    So the domain-savvy Mr./Mrs. Business Owner faces a tough decision: Should I buy the or Sure, some of them will think that the not-com version is actually better for them (for any reason) but most of them will simply play it safe and go with the dotcom.

    I'm simply not convinced yet. It's a crazy uphill battle for new gTLDs and the domainer mentality adopted by the registries sure doesn't help.

    We'll see.
  17. Kate

    Kate Domainosaurus Rex VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    That's the problem. Most of the time they are told to go to .com (or ccTLD). It further reinforces the supremacy of .com.
    The question is, why don't we see more prominent businesses using new extensions. Not since 2013, but since 2001 when .biz .info etc were released.

    It's all relative. Maybe 10 bona fide .club websites will pop up on the Internet by tomorrow, but at the same time there will be maybe 20 times more created in .com.
    Gaining traction maybe. Catching up not.

    Of course there are plenty of new extensions in Google but it's small fry. Low-key websites that won't get repeat visits. So people don't pay attention. There are very few major, household brand names using new extensions as their primary URLs.

    The conditions of awareness are:
    • new extensions have to be advertised (heavily)
    • they have to be embraced by major players, or they will never be credible
      Don't give me as an example, it's not even a customer-facing website... nobody goes there.
    Still, domainers are the biggest backers of new extensions. They are buying new extensions while the ordinary consumers still shun them. So I would say that domainers on the whole are more open to new extensions than the average Joe. But not all domainers of course. Many are still reluctant to buy them.

    In fact I agree with a lot of what you said in the other posts. But I have a different analysis. Some of the points you are making should have been equally valid ten years ago, because 'new' extensions are not new...
  18. Wass

    Wass Established Member

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  19. 000

    000 Account Closed (Disallowed)

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    Absolutely right! The same goes for .com, of course, but the learning curve will likely be higher with the ngtlds, for a variety of reasons. (1) It's a whole new ballgame. (2) There are way more places to throw money now than with just one TLD to focus on, so it'll be easy to get distracted. (3) Higher renewal costs overall than .com. (4) Newbie domainers entering the game...... etc.

    Many (myself included) will still continue to make money in .com as well. But as I've mentioned, I think the overall demand for .com will decrease due to the availability of other options.

    Definitely agree that it will often be a tough decision to make. But, the fact that they are even debating it shows that .com's place at #1 is not as strong as before. Options are good, and now Kens Repair can choose from,,,, etc etc etc. It really doesn't matter much which he chooses.
  20. 000

    000 Account Closed (Disallowed)

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    They are both terrible, sorry mate!
  21. deez007

    deez007 The More I Learn The Less I "Know" VIP

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    @000 - I think you have pretty much hit the nail on the head... I have been saying the same thing for some time now about the branding potential of new TLD's - I also have a solid marketing background so I appreciate the brandability.
  22. dordomai

    dordomai Top Contributor VIP

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    Frank Schilling is still buying .net on Namejet I have seen... He is now getting them very cheap because of the gTLD scare.. Some food for thought.
  23. joro001

    joro001 Top Contributor VIP

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    I know he just bought for $250 from me which I should have never allowed to go for that price but it was bang on my low reserve. However, .nets are a tough sell to end users today no doubt with all the new gtld's.

    Bottom line is new gtld's do provide good alternative options for businesses wanting to start out gaining an online presence. I do still feel that ultimately some/possibly many if successful could want to buy .com later if nothing else to secure the brand and regain any lost type in traffic.

    We shall see.
  24. Wass

    Wass Established Member

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    You are a Great Expert. ;)
  25. 000

    000 Account Closed (Disallowed)

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    I say the previous new gtld's .biz, .info are irrelevant to this batch of new gtld's. Why?
    .biz is basically a chincy .com ripoff.
    .info is by definition for informational sites, so I would never have expected much usage, esp by companies...
    Quality-wise, they're basically equivalent to the junk ngtld's of today: .web .link .click .site etc: destined to fail before they even launch.

    The ngtld's that will succeed are the more meaningful ones as discussed above.

    It's totally senseless to disregard the new gtld's based on the fact that they haven't already seen mass adoption just 2, 3 years after the program first launched. Surely you understand the tech biz better than that....

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