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"New" email scam - Subject: Yоu're my viсtim

Labeled as information in General Domain Discussion started by Michael M, Jul 16, 2018.


  1. Michael M

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    Just received an email from a client which was very worried about a scam email they just received, so I thought I would share this so you guys are aware it is out there.

    (I wasn't sure where to put this mods - so move as you see fit)

    From: ctgkjcx <[email protected]>
    Subject: Yоu're my viсtim

    Hi, viсtim.
    I writе you beсаusе I рut а malwаre оn the wеb pаgе with рorn whiсh you hаve visitеd.
    My virus grаbbеd аll yоur реrsonаl infо аnd turned оn your саmеrа whiсh cаptured thе рroсеss оf yоur onаnism. Just after thаt the soft sаved your сontact list.
    I will deletе the cоmprоmising vidео and info if yоu раy me 600 USD in bitсоin. This is addrеss for pаyment : 1BYscMzHMkyiVYNAxUTNsqfKcLfnzQV4wb

    I givе yоu 30 hours аfter you oрen my mеssаge fоr mаking thе trаnsаction.
    As sооn as yоu reаd thе mеssagе I'll seе it right awаy.
    It is not nеcessаry to tеll me thаt yоu havе sеnt monеy tо me. This address is соnnеctеd to yоu, my systеm will dеlеte еvеrything аutоmatically after trаnsfеr confirmatiоn.
    If yоu nееd 48 h just reply on this lеtter with +.
    You сan visit the роlicе stаtion but nobody саn hеlр yоu.
    If you try tо dесеive mе , I'll sеe it right аway !
    I dont livе in yоur сountry. Sо they cаn not trасk my lосаtiоn evеn fоr 9 mоnths.
    Gоodbye. Dont fоrgеt abоut the shamе and to ignorе, Your life cаn be ruinеd.

    This user is lady in her 60s that was on a business trip - and I seriously doubt she was looking at any porn. :xf.grin:
    Either way I have scanned her PC for viruses/malware and rootkits - and it is clean.

    I am sure plenty of people have probably sent this thug bitcoin worried what could happen if they didn't. Be careful out there, and don't be scammed! :doctor:
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  2. Eric Lyon

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    Funny! I got the same exact email and my reply to it was:
    If it's hitting primarily domain investors mail boxes, chances are it's another domain investor with a dark side gig that won't end well for them.

    Sad :(
  3. BlowOuts

    BlowOuts Established Member

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    Too funny. They stole the idea from a Netflix series... Black Mirror is what it's called, I think. It was the best episode imo.
  4. guilty

    guilty Established Member

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    Talk about being uncreative. The dude claims to grab all the "victim's" реrsonаl infо, yet they don't address the victim in the email by their name.
  5. awwalmb

    awwalmb Established Member

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    I also received it some time back. No mention of police, but the malware also apparently got my contacts family/work. And if I was in doubt and didn't pay they'd send it to one of my contacts to prove it's real. Deleted the email and moved on with my life.

    SCAM! SCAM!! SCAM!!!

    "We do not negotiate with terrorists/extortionists." LOL

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