Hello NamePros!

As a 'thank you' for the amazing year that you have helped us achieve, we have brought back our highly requested .COM sale.

Register your new .COM domains for $8.75, the same rate that our highest Discount Program tier members receive.
If you're in our Discount Program, you will receive even lower prices - as low as $7.55 (depending on the number of active domains in your account). https://www.namesilo.com/

No coupons needed and no registration limits.
This promo will run until EOD Monday, but we may extend it further if there is demand for it.

Happy holidays from all of us at NameSilo!
What about renewals?
Renewals are not included in this promotion unfortunately. Promo only extends to new .COM registrations.
No need to extend, there won't be any more demand for discount after Monday. People prefer to pay more starting Tuesday.
Haha sounds good, we'll raise prices only on Tuesdays then going forward. =D
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