Network Solutions Sent Me a Transfer eMail Meant For Someone Else

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    few days ago, I got an email about the transfer of domain name completion and when I checked, it was meant for someone else.

    This email came in on 10th but I have not had time to do justice to it until now because I read a thread by another user bordering on unsolicited transfer.

    Did anybody received something like this? If you are the person mentioned in the email, you should check that your domain name has not been fraudulently transferred out of your account.
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  2. SuperBrander

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    I got the same message two days ago. New Ventures Services Corp is Network Solutions' warehouse. I don't know exactly how the operation works- but domains get transferred there and offered for sale. If I'm not mistaken when domains expire at NetSol they get transferred to New Ventures Corp (or at least some do) and then they try to make money selling them as expired domains for gradually decreasing sums (they start much higher than regular expired auctions/closeouts). Network Solutions (should be called NetWorse Solutions) are so terrible that they send clients emails about domains changing accounts without telling them which domain changed account. I've read some horror stories in the past about domains suddenly finding themselves at New Ventures due to a problem with a credit card not getting charged for renewal etc. The bottom line: everybody should be careful when dealing with NetSol.
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  3. Tshombe

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    Also got a few of these.
  4. Skyvisum

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    Good thing i have only 11 left to transfer out from 100 names after all the horror stories and warehosing.Like you said @SuperBrander ,networse solutions be their name.They wait to pounce and move peoples name into new ventures.All my remaining names would be moved out before the year runs out.

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