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Network Solutions - Domain Transfer/Push - HOW???

I have tried support no less than 10 times via chat, 4 times on the phone and dozens of searches on google. I have one simple problem that I can't seem to figure out the solution to:

I have a domain at Network Solutions that I sold to another member. I want to push this domain to his account at NS....but for some odd reason NS is so damn complicated and makes this so difficult...I have no other choice but to ask the this is done.

Can you help explain how I push a domain to another NS account from mine? Let me know...I am in the process of moving all my domains out of NS but it takes time as it's over 700 of them.

Blessings to anyone who has the answer!
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I think they have to start the push, or a transfer and pay year renewal. I dont use them, but I think read this before somewhere


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I have the same question. My domain in Network Solutions is under the 60 days lock, meaning I cannot obtain the auth code for 60 days.

So what happens if I sell this domain during this 60-day period? Then how to push this domain from my Network Solutions account into a different Network Solutions account?

I found the following article:

It says that the buyer must initiate a domain transfer to his/her Network Solutions account.

But is it going to work? I have never tried this before.

Now I am not sure whether it's safe to offer it fore sale or not. Maybe I should wait for 60 days, then transfer the domain into a proper registrar which allows a proper push. And once the domain is secured in that another registrar (such as Dynadot), now I can safely advertise the domain for sale. What do you think?


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The buyer has to initiate the pull/push from their account.

And does it actually work? I am a little paranoid. What if I sold this domain during this 60-day lock, and then I wouldn't be able to deliver it to the buyer? There can be a technical problem, and then I need to deal with their support... I don't know.
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