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  1. Menglodinho

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    Hello Parking Experts,

    Noob here.

    I have a three letter dot com domain name that is currently parked. Per the parking company’s report for the past 16 months — the domain have about 19000 visits and 6500 clicks, a EPC of .20, and RPM of $68. I have made a total $1300 from it.

    A quick check on Estibot indicated this —

    Search Overview:
    Avg Search Results (keyword): 10,000,000
    Avg Search Results (sld): 10,000,000
    Avg Ad Count (keyword): 1
    Avg Ad Count (sld): 1

    Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match
    Monthly Searches: Close to 170,000
    Cost Per Click: $1.8 USD
    Ad Competition: low
    Data Age: Recent

    Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match
    Monthly Searches: 50000
    Cost Per Click: $2.00 USD
    Ad Competition: low
    Data Age: Recent

    Is there any idea on how I can make more than what I am getting from the parking company? I figure if the parking company can afford to give me 1300, they are most likely making 3K to 4K from it? Or may be I overestimate their profits?

    Thank in advance for any tips.


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  2. Jeff Weller

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    1) Build it out and monetize it thru Adsense and banner ads - might pay better with that much raw traffic - no way to know in advance
    2) Sell it. A pulling that kind of traffic is clearly worth way more than its parking valuation. Use the proceeds to buy a small parking portfolio if your goal is monthly revenue.
    3) Without knowing the domain it's a little tough to forecast but there could be a direct advertiser or affiliate program that might pay more if say your domain was something like....
    4) Parking co share estimates are all over the place and mostly conjecture - any defectors care to chime in? - but I don't believe anybody is keeping 70-75% of the gross. I expect even with G's share it is less than that.
    5) Depending on where you have it parked you may be able to learn a lot from the referrer info. Should be a wealth of referrer/geo knowledge with that much traffic. That could help you optimize the domain and maybe give you a direction in which to head if you decide to build it out.
    6) Lease it out - again without knowing the domain am flying blind but that kind of CTR should be really exciting for a keyword matching end user and easily be worth many times your current monthly parking $.

    Good luck and welcome to NamePros.
  3. Menglodinho

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    Thanks for the info. Will look into your suggestions.
  4. briguy

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    Great points! If I may add another option, find a better paying keyword (assuming it from keyword searches). May get less traffic but might get better payout..

    Your domain (your income) your decision
  5. decades80

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    If I were you, I would try at least 3 parking companies before taking a decision, because every domain acts different on different platform. I wouldnt go for affiliate links, but its just me.

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