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so I have some good 2 word .com domains (, off the top of my head). they are currently listed as make offer without buy now, but setting a buy now price will increase exposure on afternic, and increase the chance of a successful sale.

what buy now price should I list them for? what I do know for sure is, is listed for 20k$, and is listed for 3200, for now (on godaddy and afternic). I don't know the following:
1)which version is better, in each case, with or without the "s"? I believe with s is better in both of these cases, but I might be wrong.
2)should I ignore those existing listings, and price my domains my way? if so, again, for how much?..
3)if I should not ignore the existing listings, which I think I shouldn't, because potential buyers also see them, should I price my domains(which, again, I don't know if they're better or worse than the ones without "s" in the end) for higher, lower, by how much?

I have less than a year experience and only successfully sold a few domains below 300$, so this is difficult for me. and important, because my profits depend on my pricing heavily.
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i'd say the "s" is better, but neither have an obvious value of $20k.

you ask yourself... what is a car contractor or why you need to buy a camping ticket/

leave as "make offer" and see what happens.