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    I recently had a UDRP filed against me with regards to my domain name. The main issue I have is this, the domain name was parked with ParkingCrew and it display adverts with regards to the company's product. I did not meant to park it here, what happen was I moved the name from ENOM but account where I moved it to was set to automatically change the DNS to ParkingCrew DNS, while before it was just a 'For-sale Landing page'.

    Also looking at the visit traffic, 95% is from the company that filed the UDRP and the parking page does not make a single cent till then.

    I do have pages in archive .org showing that it was for-sale page until it was moved early this year.

    Also to mentioned, I bought this domain name 2 years ago to resell, but the trademark for this company is well over 20 years. This is a country in south america, so I am not really aware of them but I think they do sell to the US and Europe as well.

    DO I have a chance? do anyone here no of UDRP case that was won with advert showing on the landing page of the domain name?

    This looks too legal for me to really try to handle and I cant afford a lawyer to help with it.

    I will appreciate any helpful information.

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