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    Since hearing about the domain industry a little over a year ago, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't learn something new or hand register at least one new domain. Here are some of my other goals while in Vegas.

    1. Have Fun:ROFL:...this isn't hard for me since I view laughter like a mini vacation. I love meeting new people, and learning from them and laughing with them is at the crux of my existence.

    2. Match a face with a I've only met personally the operator my local registry (Dominion.Domains), there are a dozen or so others I've met online that I hope to recognize from seeing them in online interviews, from their Avatar on NamePros, and other's from their pictures on Linkedin. So that others will recognize me, I'll have with me an almost exact replica of my companies bulldog mascot "Biscuit", and I'll be wearing my new personalized Virginia vanity license plates that say: "Name Guy":xf.wink:

    3. Interviews....while I expect to be interviewed by a few bloggers and writers about my splash into the domain industry, I intend to interview others about everything from how they got started to how they view the state of the industry? In particular, I plan to try and interview all the "brokers" in attendance to learn why they think they can sell a domain to an "end user" better than the next guy. I hope to come away with a lot of new information as to how they conduct their business, and for those not willing to share, it's their loss:xf.frown:

    4. order to be successful doing domain business my way, i need a little help. This isn't to say I necessarily have to have help to succeed, for if money was no object I could always buy help. For instance, at the bottom of this post you'll see I own; MillionDollar.Domains. This isn't to say I own any domains that on their own are worth even close to a million dollars, however I do own about a dozen domains that have the real potential to generate millions of dollars in revenues if I were to attract the right partners(y)

    5. Investors....."if" money were no object, I may have progressed faster. However, I've discovered there's a learning curve that could have proven costly if money were no object. I've spent the last 12-18 months of my life accumulating a portfolio of 1,500 domains that are appraised at GD for well over a million dollars. Thanks to critics, I've learned that 80% of my domains are "crappy". Also, thanks to critics I've learned my domains are becoming less crappy every day. I'm not sure if there will be any angel investors an NamePros, but if there are, it's my intention to seek them out and share my story.

    Finally, while in nCredibleVegas, I intend to meet and introduce the domain industry to non domainers. My reasoning is two fold, one to show other gamblers and risk takers there's more money to be made in domain names than there is in "craps", and two to prove that few people outside the domain world know the industry exists:xf.rolleyes:
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