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    Hello, I had a bad experience with NameJet, the first domain I bought was a month ago and everything went awesome I paid it with my Payoneer card. Last week I won two auctions and I had money only on my PayPal account, so I sent them a ticket that i want verified account because i need to pay these domains with PayPal this time and also I send them all documents like passport and verified bidder form, also I had 7 days to pay these domains or someone else will take them, so I opened ticket first day after auction and they didn't
    answer after 80 hours so I called them 2 times and they finally answered on my ticket.

    They asked me for more documents:

    1. Please attach a color copy of the front of the credit card that matches the card in your account and on the signed Verified Bidder form. You can "black out" the middle 8 numbers, be sure the first and last four are clearly visible.

    2. Include a copy of the first page of your most recent paper (or online) credit card statement showing the matching name/address for this credit card. You can "black out" any transactions, and the middle 8 numbers, be sure the first and last four are clearly visible along with your name and mailing address.

    So after 15 mins, I received an answer on the ticket I sent them rest of documents. It was on Thursday. so the Friday was last day to pay my domains with PayPal and they didn't answer on my ticket, so I called my brother that living in the USA to login to my account and pay my billing for domains with his CreditCard and he did that.

    After 15 hours they closed my account and i already paid for domains.

    Please be advised we were unable to validate your account information for your account (Login ID: anai****). As a result, we have temporarily disabled your account, issued credit on the following domain and will place the domain into a public auction.

    I can't really believe this is happing after 7 days of chatting and also 2 calls, I will call them on Monday because they don't work during the weekend. So is this normal or what?
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    This is a difficult matter to wade into. I think only you and Namejet can settle this. Discrepancy in payment methods always brings troubles, especially for a new account holder.

    But 3+ days wait period for support tickets to be answered is unforgivable.
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    Ok thank you, i hope i will get my domains before it goes to public auction, because this is like a nightmare.
    Thank you.

    Edit: 7/22/2019

    They finally returned my account! It was some mistake so its all good now.
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