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NameJet auction extended due to technical difficulties

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When I went to review domain names on NameJet last night, I was unable to do so because of a maintenance notice on the website. According to a message on the back-end of the platform, there were some “technical difficulties” on NameJet yesterday. As a result, some of the auctions that ended have been extended to today...
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I've had the same thing happen on namejet before. They typically don't send out notices regarding screw-ups but chose to extend auctions instead. Things worked out but I of course will always wonder if it was for the highest price since I was selling at the time. ...Part of the game!
Can't even send them a message "Error: Http failure response for 500 OK"
Their saved searches emails stopped working on July 22nd.
Wonder if they'll extend auctions for what was supposed to close yesterday as well... still couldn't bid. Freakin' ridiculous.