Namecheap - $19 to $1500 premium Are they monitoring my searches?

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    Hi Pros,

    I have been compiling a list of .global domains that I wish to register for some weeks now.
    I decided to start registering them, I first use to search for domains availability and the name was available.

    I used the "Namecheap Beast Mode Domain Search" and one of the domain HorseRacing.Global was "Available" for the normal namecheap $19.88 registration + ICANN fee which totalled $20.16.

    On reaching the checkout, only to discover that the price changed from $19.88 to $1560 and suddenly the domain has the Premium mark on it.

    I search for the domain on Godaddy as well and it now has the Premium domain mark.

    I don't know what's going on here. Can someone care to explain to me? I have attached the screenshots I captured as soon as I saw this happened.

    This one happened to me with Godaddy once.
    I'll appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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