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    TechCrunch reported :
    "The U.K.’s myDogBuddy, which offers a marketplace that connects dog owners with local dog sitters, has merged with its Spanish rival Bibulu, to become what it claims is the largest offering of its kind, citing a combined 10,000 local dog sitters registered with the platform. The merger also sees a rebranding of the combined entity to the much simpler domain.

    In addition, the company has raised a further €1.9 million in funding from several private and institutional investors, including BetaAngels, Caixa Capital Risc, Eversmarter WW, and Andrin Bachmann. It says the new capital will be used to continue to grow in current and new, as yet unnamed, markets and improve its product offering.

    DogBuddy enables dog owners in the U.K., Spain, Italy, France and Germany to easily “find a loving home away from home” for their dogs when they go away on weekends, longer holidays, business trips or have to work long hours. Services offered by dog sitters include walking, day sitting and full board." was purchased at GoDaddy auction in April 2012 for just $350.
    This was way cheap a deal for a company of this level.
    Michael Berkens says in an article on his blog, "Again to the domain investors out there, do not sell your brandable domains for $350 that is just silly."
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