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Reasons why I think gTLDs may grow in popularity. Just my opnion, 2 cents and observation.

1. Friends and family who are not tech savvy are staring to quote certain.gtld websites in conversations. (This is a new)

2. Local businesses are staring to use them (I'm from small area, always behind with everything in the world)

3. Although. Com is recognized by all, I believe our generation before us will grow up using gTLDs and therefore grow over time. Most younger people don't care about a .com, they just want to type something in google and get the top webpage.

4. Example, realestate.co is alot better than realestatelistings.com (my opnion)

Not saying they are worth investing in a whole bunch but I think a few kw+GTLDS may be worth owning. My new vanity email is [email protected] and I absolutely love it and expect it to be anything but a great conversation piece :)
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The problem with that waiting game theory – much like com holders – is that the domains weren't initially free, $99/2yr, and progressively lowered to $8-9 renewals.

The ngTLDs that will see the $100,000+ sales are $10,000 registration and $10,000 renewal. By the time they're worth $100,000, from your described next generation (20+ yr), you will be in the hole $100,000, even with the $100,000 sale, unless the registries ultimately lower it. But if they do, will you break even in 20yr, or just have a small ROI in comparison to original com registrants?