MPAA Pushes For ICANN Policy Changes to Target “Pirate” Domains

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    Okay. And who gets to decide what qualifies as a "pirate" domain? It's sad that ICANN is giving into the record companies with no backbone of its own.
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    I really hate how MPAA is so set on destroying digital freedom and an open internet, just so they can protect the greedy interests of an industry that refuses to adapt to the times.

    From SOPA to PIPA, to the most recent leaks detailing how they wish to break the DNS protocol.... These guys really want to mess up the internet. Of course there are ways around DNS blocking, but the average internet user will only be able to use the internet that pops up when you open your browser. And for domainers, it will obviously be a sad day when domain addresses being wiped clean of the internet become commonplace, in the name of fighting piracy. This might also do real harm to the functionality of the internet, as the DNS systems already has so many issues.

    How about hollywood start safeguarding their films, beef up their security so that they don't get hacked and their films stolen, don't send out screening copies to unreliable sources (which get uploaded), instead of just placing all the responsibility with external parties. Or perhaps they can focus on content delivery in a way that beats the ease of just downloading a movie with a click. Instead of adapting to the times, they try to mould everything to their archaic business model.

    And what does ICANN have to do with protecting film studios? Should all people who upload any "illegal" content have their domains taken from them? Obviously such regulations would be massively abused, such as the DMCA takedowns are already being abused.

    Even Google, who is doing their share to mess things up, from having no respect for people's privacy, to providing backdoors to seemingly any dubious party who asks, and monopolizing and manipulating search engine searches, can no longer tolerate the MPAA's behaviour... I wonder what will come of their current on-going battle between these two...

    If the US is serious about net neutrality, they need to illegalize the MPAA, because sooner or later, the MPAA will succeed with their mission. Their anti-piracy zombie keeps returning from the dead, no matter how many times it is killed. SOPA, PIPA, DNS filtering, the "Trans Pacific Treaty", they will come up with something new and get their corporate lobbyists and lawyers to push it until they eventually succeed.

    So they want to alter the internet as we know it, ruining so much for so many globally, and for what? Just so that a small group of studio executives in the US can make more millions off their repetitive blockbusters...

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