Epik Escrow

Marijuanted.com+ WholesaleJet.com + webseorank.com +branding.im

Labeled as domain in Domain Appraisal started by DomainBeam, Feb 13, 2019.


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    Thank you, much appreciated!
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    I no longer give price appraisals. However, I think that WholesaleJet.com and webseorank.com are the only winners of these 4. webseorank may not be the best, but I think it may be worth holding onto if you actively seek a buyer only because, from my experience in wanting to hand reg a decent SEO .com, they seem to be very hard to come by.

    Wholesalejet.com is a great brand name for a wholesale site. I would hold onto that one and put a nice for sale landing page on it if I were you. I would not take less tan mid X,XXX for that, but I think that may even be low.

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