NameSilo forced to rebrand after Gordon Ramsay copyright claim

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    Lucky Cat ( in Worcester is now known as Maneki Ramen (, after the owners received a letter from the celebrity chef's lawyers.

    A post on the restaurant's Facebook page said: "We were amazed to receive a letter from Gordon Ramsey’s solicitors recently, regarding the use of ‘Lucky Cat’ in our name.

    "It seems that Gordon has a restaurant called ‘Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay’ and holds a trademark for the use of the Lucky Cat name.

    "Well, we guess great minds think alike.

    "But, like Gordon’s lawyers, we would hate for anyone to confuse us with him and we’re glad they brought it to our attention before we get equally famous.

    "So, we’ve had to change the name and have a quick temporary re-brand, as such we will now be known as Maneki Ramen.

    read more (Worcester)
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