Loosing Credibility of Appraisal Tools

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  1. Rjdomain

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    Have the Appraisal Tools lost their credibility?

    1. Enter a .club domain with any keyword in Estibot and it always returns the appraised value "0".

    2. Most of the appraised domains are irrelevant to their current market acquisition cost

    3. The appraisal tools do not work under continuos upgrade mode but always return a standard cost which is nowhere related to the actual domain price.

    4. Compare the past domain sales and you will find that their appraised values where not even close to +-20% which is totally vague.

    Is it wise anymore to refer these appraisal tools??

    What do u say??
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  2. Abdullah Abdullah

    Abdullah Abdullah Top Contributor VIP

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    Did appraisal bots have credibility before?

    I say no and that means nothing changed
  3. baseballworld

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    I was gonna say anytime anyone ever mention estibot or anything like that to me in a sales thread or appraisal I always just laughed. Always wanted to tell them why bother wasting the time typing that in the thread even. It was a joke laughed about years ago and still is today.
  4. james haw

    james haw Top Contributor VIP

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    The Estibot site, like others, is useful in some ways. But even their site states not to take the value as accurate or use it for a sale price or purchase decision.
  5. catchmesleeping

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    These tools are good for a quick estimate of value - but I would never determine the price of a domain based on what estibot says. If I'm looking through a list of 1000 domains - I would put them through a tool like this, and give closer inspection to the ones that have some non-zero value.

    But there's a real risk for newbies who buy domains based on an automated appraisal value. A newbie could buy 100 names that all have appraisal value over $1,000 - and never find a buyer for any single one of those names.

    About .club, I don't think it's fair to really give an automated appraisal to any of those new GTLD names yet. There are still so few end-user sales, that it's hard to really know how the market values those names. A name like is obviously going to be valuable. But a name like - using basic appraisal techniques like search volume and cpc - might appraise high - but the name itself doesn't really make any sense. Once there are a few thousand legitimate, published sales in a new GTLD, you might see appraisal tool makers start to refine their systems for those new extensions.
  6. D Haynes

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    Ive used these site purely for search stats in the past but Im getting inceasingly differing results for the same name from different sites. Ive put the same name into estibot and domainindex and one say 14 monthly searches and the other says 200k + so now theyre completely useless.
  7. WilsonM

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    What I found surprising is that Estibot claims it uses search volumes and CPC to calculate domain value, and yet when I used a few domains with good search volumes and CPC, it returns $0.

    As I am into SEO, I know that these domains are highly monetizable (is there a word like this?) via affiliate marketing.

    Unpredictable at best.
  8. Rjdomain

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  9. sixtoronto

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    Lose / Loose has to be my pet peeve when it comes to spelling errors
    IMO i think most domainers know that estibot really over valuates domains

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