budget: above $50 Looking for high quality keyword domains

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Hey name pros,

Total Budget >1500$

I'm looking for brandable and keyword .com domains.
Please send me your portfolio via private message. I slightly prefer domains hosted at GoDaddy and my expected budget is 20$ up to 100$ for every domain I like – I can extent the budget for high quality domains.

Max Length should be 14 Letters

Only .com domains related to popular keywords like:

pay, connect, data, brand, tech, bit, it, ad, pro, digital, air, invest, more, holo, work, business, venture, net, virtual, future, home, house, smart, sale, app, trip, convert, hub, credit, estate, crypto, coin, code (...)

Please send me your domains with expected fixed price via private message.

Greetings, Sebastian
the domains do need need to contain the above mentioned keywords
Just thought I would ask for clarification. You say need need, had you meant to say do not need (meaning similar words to those you gave would be acceptable) or did you repeat need to emphasize that you only want names that contain exactly the words in your list.

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