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    I've created http://brander.xyz, a place to sell branded domains.

    I am currently the owner/administrator http://www.brander.xyz/our-team/robert-hollingsworth/

    I love finding brand-able names and designing logos, but the rest of the business is entirely new to me.

    I don't really want to sell my website outright, but instead, I'm looking for contributing partners who feel my platform/designing services could be useful for them in a partnership in some matter.

    My job situation does not allow me the time needed to continue to be an administrator, and my lack of SEO and advertising knowledge prevents me from taking this platform to a profitable level.

    I would love if this could be turned into a multi-contributor platform for interested domainers here at namepros.. And my design services would be readily available to anyone on board.

    For more information and inquires please PM or comment below.

    I am open to suggestions, knowledge, etc. But ultimately, I am in seek of a a trusted partner that sees the value in what I have already created and would work with me on expansion and common goals and could utilize this platform for their own benefit, as well.

    Brander XYZ

    ELI5 me if you have to, my ears are open.
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