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REQ-LOGO Logo Design for an Oceanfront Hotel $50 - 3 Day Contest!

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Contest Type: Logo Design
Start Date & Time: 10.20 PM EST 4/18/2019
End Date & Time : 10 PM EST 4/21/2019.
Prize: $50 via PayPal
Final Image Requirements: PNG, JPG, AI & EPS

I have had some exciting contests in the past and am once again looking for your help.

Bonus: While there will be only one winner, we will keep in mind and consider EVERY contributor and plan to give out future banner, logo, brochure & flyer design work to talented designers here. So, when you showcase your logo here, you also have a chance to work with us on exciting upcoming hotel related projects.


Inviting all talented designers here on NP to showcase their concepts, designs and visualizations. Please come forward with your best ideas and help us design an awesome logo for our hotel in Nags Head NC. Wishing you all the best. Will have more projects along the way.


We are an oceanfront hotel in Nags Head, NC. We need something stunning and refreshing to stand out on our website, banners and Pylon in front of the hotel.

Colors: Explore and visualize freely. Use whatever colors you feel would look great!

PS : I am mostly at work and will respond in a few hours. So, if you don't hear from me immediately, do not worry. I will keep checking the thread every 3 hours and offer inputs.

Hotel used to be the Rodeway Inn.

New Name : Sea Horse Inn & Cottages, Nags Head, NC

My management suggested that we could have the starting letter S in the shape of a Sea Horse. Please use images below or your own to show us how the logo would look on our premises. Thank you.




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Galalogo, that looks very nice. Good work. I would like to mention that we don't need to stick to the blue color, you can use any colors that would look bright and vibrant and can be visible from a distance on a pylon? The fonts you used were good.:)

9Generasi, the logo looks good, but can we have the words inn and cottages on 2nd line and nags head, nc on 3rd? Also, I would like the Sea horse in the first letter S rather than as a separate image on the left.
Thanks :)
That looks beautiful 9generasi. Very well done. :)

miko, logo looks beautiful. But, Seahorse will be one word. Is it possible to make it one word, rather than write Sea and Horse as separate words?

To all future contest participants, could you please make the word as "Seahorse" and not "SeaHorse" with an H capital?

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