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Localtradesman Logo Contest - Winner Awarded - Closed

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Hi All,

I'm back again with another contest, this one is for which requires a logo.
Don't forget if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

The site is a startup and will provide a directory for Local Tradesman across Australia.
The company’s name is 'Local Tradesman'
The logo will be used on website, emails, flyers and social media

Company background:

Local Tradesman is a start up that will be a simple to use directory for the general public to find a local tradesman, and for local tradesman to list their businesses.


I'd like something unique and creative like a badge or an ID card, and something that will be easy to use across social media please.

Prize Amount: $35 US paid via PayPal
File Type: Vector/PSD files

End date for this contest is 27th of April 2022

Due to the number of entries being less than from 4 different designers, i've extended the contest by 48hrs as allowed under rule 3. Thank you all for your understanding.



Thank you to everyone who entered, I'll be back soon with another contest.
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