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    On Domains Wanted thread there are many threads WTB or .in or .net or .me or .whatever.

    1- How many go out and register names to try and sell to these guys?
    2 - Of those how many score a sale?
    3 - How many submit names they either own or register especially for that thread?
    4 - How many sell a name or names to that thread?
    5 - How many names in total did that thread buy?

    The reason I suggest doing this - is to check the very real risk that owners of a particular domain extension or even registrars could easily post a thread under an alias or through a stealth buyer as WTB .whatever domains and suck newbies into buying names from their collection to sell to the stealth buyer who never really buys any despite having this thread of WTB. because I do not see anywhere else that these sales, if they happen, are reported.
    May get shot down for this but I think it is worth checking.
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    I've never sold one to the WTBers but then again I never went out and bought a domain thinking I could sell to them. Most are asking for aged domains so newly registered don't fit. Interesting point of view and interesting question though. I'll be watching this thread

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