Leasing websites may be a great business!

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    Income-earning websites for sale today are usually poorly made cookie-cutters on bad domains and unlikely to grow with these obvious shortcomings.

    A large factor in the potential success of a website is a premium domain. Said premium domain is likely too expensive to buy, or too difficult to register for a newbie. Newb may have means to promote their own website, but has no idea how to build one. Still, he wants to invest somehow: he needs a premium domain AND finished website. Premium, to me, means a $1m domain.

    Domainers are sitting on these premiums, but not earning much. If we develop the domain, then offer a 10 year lease on the domain AND website, a newbie can afford everything they want in 1 swoop. No strings attached, what the see is what they get. If they think they can place their ads, promote and make money, they will be very interested in paying a monthly fee and try their hand at being a webmaster.

    Anyone do this?​
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