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    TuCows offers a service (RealNames) in which you can get a custom email address for $35/year if you want something more memorable than Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

    They say: "At the heart of RealNames is a unique portfolio of name-based domains. RealNames lets anyone create and use a memorable and more meaningful email address that's based on their own first and last name."

    My question: I own about 400 dotcom domain names that are primarily medical-geo domains (,,, etc) Do you think there is a market to offer doctors a subdomain and/or custom emails for them and their office staff, for example, a subdomain like, email addresses like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]? Would that be appealing and add credibility by referencing a local domain name? I'd appreciate any and all of your thoughts. Thanks. Tom
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    I would probably not bother with that since it will make it harder for a future buyer to buy it without causing problems for the folks who paid for email service.

    It would be different if you owned a name which has a large affinity group, e.g.

    As for selling and leasing domains, are you using our SSL landers yet? If not, you really should be!

    What is your Epik email? We have a promo for $6.99 for .com transfers now. It includes the renewal.

  3. Ategy

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    Yeah .. I'll re-enforce what Rob said. If you had the category domain like, then there would likely be a small potential market for emails. But you need to ask yourself who is really going to use an email address of a domain like MemphisRadiology, without that actually being their main site.

    I suppose in the end all you need is one client at $5/month to more than pay for the domain .. but I'm doubtful you'll get any clients without doing significant outbound .. and at that point I think your time would be better served actually outbounding the domain itself.

    All that said .. there most certainly is a market of people out there who have no idea what they are doing .. who have no idea they can get decent domains on the aftermarket .. who have no idea that [email protected] is a horrible email that will likely lose potential clients .. and that nobody will ever bother to visit a site like, and definitely not take it very seriously. So I can't say you definitely won't make money .. but it just seems like a lot of work for little reward compared to actually selling the domains.

    On top of that, it means you can no longer sell the domains in question.

    You also have to keep in mind that anybody who actually does use your service, likely aren't very technically minded .. and you'll probably lose a lot of time helping them set everything up .. then get another tech call each time they get a new phone or device!

    So in the end .. unless it's a domain with a huge demand .. I don't think it's worth the bother.
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  4. Masay

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    I feel pity for your future client if you do that. when you sell the domain, they will lost every web access/login accounts from leased email
  5. eclub

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    If one is leasing a part of his website of domain, what is he leasing out?

    Subwebsites, right?
    Are available for sale right now!
    Contact me.

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