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    Despite what a lot of my NP brothers and sisters think, I'm OK at this name business. I admit my "performance" sucked at first, but with education I've gotten from NP and from friends I've made from around the world, I'm improving:xf.wink:

    Moving on, it's just been 48 hours ago that I created a domain, "" that resulted from Clint Eastwoods one liner in Sudden Impact, "Go Ahead, Make My Day"

    Well it's funny how things evolve, but I hand registered another name after that; While MakeMyShave is more of a "catchy" name...see Catchy Name Thread, PerformanceShave is more of a traditional name for someone in the "shave" business. I know if I were to enter the business of shaves and razors, I'd have no problem naming my company Performance Shave, and trademarking the name.

    Although GD said "Performance" is a widely used "keyword" I decided to go to Nambio where I'm a member and I discovered the last domain sold using the word "performance" was, and Sedo sold it for $8,000 just a couple weeks ago on 10/19/2019.

    Then I start messing around in one of my name notebooks, and while it took me about an hour, I came up with a dozen names using the keyword "Performance" that weren't already registered. Thus I'm starting a small portfolio of performance domains of which you already know I own the domain, and I added just 30 minutes ago; and
    As an aside, I do own quite a few "Incredible" domains, and I checked to see if was taken and:xf.frown:

    So what do you guys and girls think of the noun "Performance" as a keyword? Now get your minds out of the is long gone:xf.frown:
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