JohnTV sells for $9,000 on Sedo

Labeled as .tv in Domain Selling and Domain Sales, started by equity78, May 22, 2015


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    17,962 sold for $9,000 on Sedo and Namepros member JohnTV was the seller. John owned the name since 2005. Congrats to one of the best and a good friend over the years here on Namepros. closed at $6,800 on NameJet looks like Legacy Fund was the seller.
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    Thanks for the info Ray - you are certainly the king of .tv research.

    Little shocked that went for such a low figure - but even so - it was acquired for $400 at a domainer auction, so a ROI of around $6400 is something that most financial advisers would give their right arms to be able to offer.

    So, last week .TV was dead, but in the intervening days we have heard of selling for $9000 (made all the more amazing by the fact it is a $500 a year premium), we have seen go for an incredible $9500 (it wouldn't have even got $100 at NP), we've seen go for $3000 (speechless at that one!) and we've seen go for 25,000 EUROs (which is around $28,000).

    I imagine everyone will now pump .tv up for a few days before it is all doom and gloom again.

    As I keep saying, two things tell the real story:

    1. Endusers - and they are buying

    2. The WHOIS - and it says, for all their bluster to the contrary (or is it 'poop and scoop' tactics), that the bigger portfolio owner are happily renewing, but more importantly, still acquiring extra high quality names when they can.
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    You can seperate and tout the ROI on a single sale but if you think thats indicative of the results a .tv speculator should expect I invite you to take a good look at every days list of expiring .tv names. What would you say the ROI on those is?

    Also, there were a lot of names in auction this last month that didnt not sell and probaly never ill at the levels sought.

    And just look at Ron's sales lists at dnjournal. Even crappa$$ .coms regulary sell for more than do the very best of the .tv variety. And the volume of .com sales to .tv is like 100 to 1.

    Me, I have many .tv and will undoubtably pick up a few more. Not because I think I can flip them, I have no illusions on that count. While I'm unconcerned with ROI on these doesnt mean the rest of y'all shouldnt be. If I were looking for good flips I would stick to picking up the best .com's I could afford, especially now that there are about a thousand new TLDs out there threatening to turn the entire dot world on its head.

    If you think I'm just laying out a "poop n scoop" strategy then I wish you the very best of luck. You will need it.
    As will anyone careless enough to get sucked up in a .hype over any TLD.

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