Is it OK to pitch more than one domain to end user?

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    Is it ok to pitch more than one domain in an email? I have 4 domains with different valuable keywords of the same industry that I believe an end user would possibly want and they are equally as appropriate for their company so instead of pitching just one, I was thinking of letting them know that all are available for acquisition. Does this lower the perceived value of the domains?

    I'm concerned that the end user may think "well, if I only purchase one, other companies can use the other similar ones against me". Or that the different keywords look too common and bland if more than one can be purchased - the perception of scarcity may be ruined.

    Advise on this topic is more than appreciated. Thanks!
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    Just adding confusion to uncertainty.
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    Yes you can provide the list of names to the end user , but it has to be in detail explaining the pros & cons of each domain along with its price. The client will have options to choose the best one based on their requirements.
    But buying all the names or picking just one , would entirely depend on the end user affordability .
    Provide them with the options for them to choose , as you might have a better chance to win the client & close the deal.

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