Is fast transfer safe?

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    What I mean.

    I list a domain and forget about it (, and don't negotiate it elsewhere before removing from mls/dls).

    Any risk in this?

    Domain expires, or goes into pending delete. Then in this case what happens if someone tries to purchase it: I no longer have the domain under my control, so no such sale should be possible. I mean, since transfer is fast, cancelling the charge on the card should also be instant. And to prevent such a thing from happening just before the charge starts taking place, the registrar should be able to check whether domain is ready to move without actually doing it.

    If mls/dls is a good system, then it must know if domain is ready to move just after a payment.
    If I sell something to someone, just before getting the payment I would check whther it is there. In this case the registrar should do it. It should't be enough to depend on past promises and agreements.
    Sell my domain to them, if you can, it is your problem.

    Sometimes registrars can sell expired domains this way: domain expired but can be renewed, and the registrar can pay the renewal/transfer cost, and take it from my payout.

    If such systems are good enough, then using multiple instant sale services should be ok, as long as there no other pending negotiations, and buy now offers without fast transfer.

    For example I have a domain at Namesilo, list it on Afternic dls, sedomlspremium, and namesilo marketplace with buy now price. Once it sells at one of them, the system should know that domain is not there anymore, and cancel the setup.

    When exactly a mls deal is cancelled: does it have to be cancelled by the seller everytime? It doesn't makes sense, domain may expire, or may be pushed to another account.

    Bad thing about Sedo: cancelling mlspremium requires removing the domain from the system.


    Why use mls: I will put low prices on many domains, and inform potential endusers. If buying is a complicated thing, they would be discouraged and confused and do nothing. If instead they can get the domain from their favorite and familiar registrar via fast transfer, this may work well. It is very strange that Chinese people don't buy domains anywhere except Godaddy. People don't trust unfamiliar things.
    Afternic didn't work well, maybe because I didn't use dls.
    Recently only bargain hunters and cheaters are making offers on Sedo. Someone bought a domain for low 3 figures after a hard negotiation, and posted it for sale for 2M elsewhere. There is a wall between domainers and endusers. I suspect domain marketplaces are hurting this business by placing middlemen between endbuyers and endsellers, and both preventing sales, and making prices very low for normal domainers at the same time.
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    if your domain is on FT at sedo and still showing in your account, and buyer sends payment, then you still may be liable for commission, even if you no longer own the domain.
    read the tos

    that is not true, nor does doesn't makes any sense at all

    if Chinese only bought names from GD, then they would miss all the names being sold elsewhere.

    also 99% of people outside of this forum, may be unfamiliar with you, when they first inquire about a domain.
    they trust or will have confidence, that the transaction will be smooth, depending on how you communicate with them.

    that statement about offers on sedo cannot be verified in the face of sedo sales for the year

    and whether someone pays $60 or $60K, it's their prerogative to reprice it at whatever rate they choose.

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