discuss Is domain trading is like gambling?



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Hi Guys,

so was thinking about how addictive this industry is, do you ever feel like you are a borderline addictive gambler who will gamble everything you have if you have to buy that 'perfect' domain name which you MUST MUST own otherwise world will fall apart. are you a addictive and need helps to think outside of domain industry, other ways to make a living?

I hope most of you get my point of view here, what I'm talking about.

Let me know, what do you think? :xf.grin:

iDestroyer :greedy:
to buy a domain for 100$ hoping to sell it for 110$ or even 150$ it is quiet easy and you can do it like any shop or product sellers anywhere .. hard job but little or no risk

but to buy a domain for 100$ hoping to sell it for 50,000$ is a dream and pure gamble

and people are using different strategy to buy lottery tickets and the same apply here in domaining
buying thousands cheap tickets for 100$ each
or buying two or three expensive tickets for 5000$ each

the only difference with gambling is that you can return part or most of the money you used to buy the tickets

the more expensive the domain is , the more gambling risk you are taking but the returns can be of course winning the lottery $$$$$