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discuss #InternetOfThings Domain Names VS #MobilePhone Domain Names

I believe that the #InternetOfThings is going to take off in a big way in the next 20 years. It is my opinion that one of the core technologies that needs to be developed is the development of #TinyComputers to put into things. I don't know for sure but I believe that there is a strong case that the market for tiny computers will be bigger than the market for mobile phones 20 years for now. This allows for phone casing with multiple computers in one phone, computers for drones, computers for toilets, computers for kitchen white goods, computers for PCs (e.g. have an offline computer and an online computer in your laptop for #CyberSecurity reasons/#MultiBrainComputers).

I have registered the domain name: (0 - Number, not letter)

I intend to develop it build a business through using it. I spend a lot of time thinking about my domain name purchases now. I only buy domain names that I want to develop around. My hope is to build large tenders for one ounce computers and take a commission and helping people buy these computers at wholesale prices. I believe that there are a lot of computing manufacturers who want to work with buyers groups who want to buy computing equipment at wholesale prices.

My long term business strategy is to work with the media. Hence, I choose to work with an open narrative. I believe that now is a time in history to start a strong debate on:


To me, a tiny computer can be a brain for a mobile phone or a brain for thousands of other uses. In my opinion, the mobile phone is the past and the Internet Of Things is the future. I am investing my business projects and my reputation on this opinion. I feel that the public media is too caught up with the mobile phone industry and is short sighted. I expect this to change with time. For me, the ounce is a perfect size for tiny computers and so I am building my business around the idea that the future of computers is to name them by their weight.

The exciting thing about working on tenders is that all I need is a contact database to start a business. I don't need a manufacturing site. I don't need a building. I can promote computer technology that doesn't exist on the market and create a market for them. The business model is a #HighLeverage model where I can secure multi-million dollar contracts for emerging technology by systematically building a database.

It is my stance that the #InternetOfThings needs a strong media narrative and then it will rapidly escalate throughout our lives. I am not a Raspberry Pi fan. I want tiny computers with a lot more power. I believe that I am not alone. I believe that we are in the early days of #InternetOfThings. I am extremely excited about the domain name that I purchased. I am planning on making a good profit with it.

I am interested to see what other opinions there are than mine on the internet of things. I am strongly of the opinion that this technology is being stalled by the lack of tiny computers on the market. I dream of people buying hundreds of tiny computers and placing them in devices across their house for a large breadth of uses. This adds so much more scope than trying to do everything out of one computer (Mobile Phone).

I am very interested to know if anyone has a strong case against my argument for tiny computers replacing mobile phones. I see that mobile phones have replaced a lot of things in our lives. I am open to consider that there are weaknesses in my argument. I am a big fan of having a transparent case of whether mobile phones or tiny computers are a bigger market.
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