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Hi Everyone,

My first time encountering this issue so I was apprehensive.

I have recently transferred my personal domain (my name.com) to Internet BS. Things were ok and was a happy customer.

Things turned otherwise when I regged an .it domain on the behalf of a good friend of mine, who was an EU citizen. (I am not)

Out of nowhere my account info was then changed to his details (but his details were supposed to be only attached to that .it domain). I didn't contact support by that time, as I am sure my friend would not take my account anyway.

Suddenly, I received an email from them, saying that the sudden change of account info had triggered their security dept and therefore the account was locked.

I then immediately replied, explaining everything. Then, the staff asked me for identity proof of both myself and my friend.

It was absolutely fine so I sent immediately. However, their staff had gone missing.

I did not follow up by bumping the ticket but such unprofessionalism made me regret my choice of moving my domain to them.

May I ask how this can be resolved?

Many thanks.


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Not sure if you were able to resolve your issue, but they do have a live chat on their site. That would be one way to quickly get in touch with a support representative.

I used it right before composing this message, and the response time was less than 1 minute. https://internet.bs is where I went.

Good luck!
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