Don’t get excited about the next round of new gTLDs launching any time soon.

That’s my takeaway from recent correspondence between ICANN’s chair and brand-owners who are apparently champing at the bit to get their teeth into some serious dot-brand action.

Maarten Botterman warned Brand Registry Group chair Cole Quinn that “significant work lies ahead” before the org can start accepting applications once more.

Quinn had urged ICANN to get a move on last month, saying in a letter that there was “significant demand” from trademark owners.

The last three-month application window ended in March 2012, governed by an Applicant Guidebook that said: “The goal is for the next application round to begin within one year of the close of the application submission period for the initial round.”

That plainly never happened, as ICANN proceeded to tie itself in bureaucratic knots and recursive cycles of review and analysis.

Any company that missed the boat or was founded in the meantime has been unable to to even get a sniff of operating its own dot-brand, or indeed any other type of gTLD.

... ICANN asked the Governmental Advisory Committee for its formal input a few weeks ago, has opened the report for a public comment period that ends June 1, and will accept or reject the report at some point in the future.

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As I read it this is with respect to brand new extensions, closed to the sponsoring company, and not with respect to new gTLDs of potential interest to domain investors. Of course, going slow on new introductions there too would probably be good.

A New round or let's say the old roll-out that was paused f.t.b. The initial idea was to roll out more than 2000 ngtlds but at that time, some of issues surface during the discussion (2009-2011 @ US congress). [some of geo tlds manage to go live - region, province, city]

400 pages report attached / Feb 2021


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