I was scammed and its embarrassing

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  1. uglydork

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    I cant believe I am writing this.

    I am doing this knowing I will be ridiculed.

    I am doing this knowing some people will laugh.

    I am doing this knowing some people with be outright nasty

    I am not looking for sympathy.

    I am doing this to help others.

    It started a couple of weeks ago. I posted on Linkedin that I was selling my name and for 1 million dollars. Sometimes I like to try odd ways of advertising to see if it works. I wanted to see if posting an obviously inflated price would prompt some discussion. Apparently it caught the eye of a Nigerian scammer and I would be his next victim.

    Barbara wrote to me about the name

    I was intrigued so I did some research and couldn’t find the domain name or address with any recent action. The name popped up on linked :

    She belonged to some domain groups and had a bunch of connections. It wasn’t a brand new account so I proceeded to write Barbara. I asked her how much she wanted - $120,000. I didn’t have that kind of money so I turned to a trusted person I know in the industry to buy the name and pay me a finders fee. We have done that deal before so I knew I could at least a few bucks off the deal.If I could get the price down, I could make more money. Barbara seemed niave and had no idea what she had. I asked if she would take less and we agreed on a price. I explained to Barbara that I had a financial backer and I needed to loop him in, he would handle the deal from here. I loop my backer in and he asks for her escrow information,Barabara writes me back and explains that her husband messed up their escrow account years ago and she cant use escrow. I go back to my backer and let him know the situation and he bails immediately. “Hell no! It’s a scam” I was advised to run. I wrote back to Barbara and advised her that nobody in the industry will touch her name without escrow. I thanked her for her time and went about my way.

    I left work for the day and on my way home I received an email from Barabara. She wanted to do a deal and would sell it for less because she couldn’t use escrow. After days of chatting through Linkedin she explained she was from Austria and moved to Texas after she married:

    Her husband ended up turning to drugs and they are divorcing and selling off assets. She needed money to live and their domain portfolio was the only thing worth much money.

    We talked for a week, we talked about personal things,domains and everything in between. I was checking stories and looking for clues the entire time. She would have bailed long ago if she was scamming me – right?

    I asked for proof about owning the name and she provided it:

    I told her that I wasn’t going to transfer money until she transferred the name. We agreed on a small down payment and then the transfer would start. The money exchange would be Paypal. I sent the money to her friend because she didn’t have paypal (another red flag) – I sent the down payment. The transfer started:

    I wired the rest of the money and sent another small amount via Western Union to a friend she owed money to. (Another Red Flag)

    I waited for the push to my enom account and nothing. I called enom and they told me the name was registered under them but managed by another party? I called the number they gave me and emailed the account. I still have never heard back from them. I started getting nervous and pressuring Barbara. All of the sudden I get a phone call from her “son” asked me to relax that I was upsetting his mom. He had a heavy accent. I knew at that point I was screwed!

    I didn’t want “Barbara” to know I was on to what was happening. I kept talking to her. I was scrambling trying to cancel everything.

    1. Western Union – it was already picked up. Im screwed. I filed a report and I still havnt heard anything back – that money is gone.

    2. Wire – Bank Of America and USAA. I called them both before they opened to stop the transfer. My bank USAA – told me its instant, its at Bank Of America, call them. I called and talked to so many people who would do nothing. Literally nothing. The bank wasn’t open yet, they could have stopped it. They wouldn’t do a thing. I have since written to the heads of these banks and their management and have heard nothing. How can you not listen to a person who is explaining an outright scam and do nothing?

    3. Paypal – what a joke! I paid by friends and family by accident. I wasn’t paying attention, my fault. They froze 2K on his account, I paid 6K. Again, they could have stopped this. I explained what happened and how it was a scam and I could prove it, they didn’t care only to tell me tough, you used friends and family. They still have 2K frozen and wont give it back to me. I even send all the proof to their executive support and their answer was to dispute it with my credit card company. With all the business I give Paypal I was expecting better support.

    I tried stopping all of this before business hours and before money was taken, all of these businesses could have stopped the transactions at least to investigate. Nope, not one of them cared.

    Enom wrote me back:

    The email about the transfer and owning the name were forged. Damn it. It looked real. I started following IP addresses and one hit Nigeria, now I knew I was in trouble

    I wrote to Barbara and confronted “her” and I found out it was a scam. It was a guy, he wont tell me where he is from but I know. To this day he still texts me telling me he is sorry.

    I found the guy to where I wired the money. He is a Nigerian student at Baylor University. He made the mistake of friending me on Facebook. I went to Baylor and the Waco police to pressure him. I also start bothering his family. He wired back all my money . I never heard from Baylor so I wrote them again, they went to the Waco police because I was harassing them! They never once acknowledged my emails or told me to stop. How do I know the crime wasn’t committed on their computer system?

    Here is all the information I have on all of them:

    Barbara Untergasser
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Oriade Ayemo
    Gbemileke Ikugbanmire

    Telephone numbers:

    737-210-3686 – “Barbaras son”

    346-233-0321 – “Barbara” known as Barbie88 on Namepros

    217-577-8729 – [email protected] – piece of shit in Atlanta that has my 6K – claims he doesn’t know anything

    Bank Name: Bank Of America Account Name: Oriade Ayemo Account Number: 004644944793 Routine No: 026009593 Address: 1100 N valley Mills Dr, Waco , Texas 76710 Who is this to you? Bank Name: Bank Of America Account Name: Emmanuel Akintola Account Number: 334055137079 Routing number: 061000052 Address: 4567 S cobb Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30080

    Bank Name: Bank Of America Account Name: Emmanuel Akintola Account Number: 334055137079 Routing number: 061000052 Address: 4567 S cobb Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 Note: Do not use business as the payment type to avoid delay. Just use Family or Personal.

    Western Union Details Name: Voke Emekeme Location: Atlanta, GA Amount: $2000 Western Union Details Name: Akpevwe Olidge Location: Atlanta, GA Moneygram Details

    Name: Voke Emekeme Location: Atlanta, GA

    [email protected]

    Recipient Name: Akpevwe Olidge Destination: Atlanta GA.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask. This went on for 2 weeks and he still texts me!

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  2. Isac

    Isac VIP

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    I can't believe a senior person like you can be scammed
  3. DNWon

    DNWon eCommerce Branding Specialist VIP

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    Good morning Rich,
    Sorry to hear this happened to you, and I'm sure you're not looking for an "I told you" so response, but for others who may someday find themselves in this dilemma, there were many red flags, but this really stands out as something you should never do!
    No escrow, no deal, for amounts you can't afford to lose!
    She knew she had you because you hadn't bailed!
    You went to Baylor, and tracked the guy down! That is awesome! It might almost be worth a few grand to see the look on the guys face when you and Waco PD showed up at his dorm room!
    Good Luck tracking down the rest of your money, and thanks for sharing this story with us!

    P.S. You should think about filing a small claims suit against classic rhymes records of Atlanta in that jurisdiction for 5K. A judgement won't necessarily make you whole, as there is probably not much money there, but it's a thought?
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  4. SuperBrander

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    Wow. That's crazy. Sorry to hear about this ordeal. It must be terrible. So many red flags. And despite that- sending the money before getting the domain, not using escrow... man, that's just really bad. If it looks too good to be true 99.9% of the time it is. I hope people will learn from this. So how much money are you actually down at the moment?
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  5. Haroon Basha

    Haroon Basha IZUQ.COM VIP

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    Interesting story to read and learn. Thank you very much for providing so much of details, how a scam can be traumatized on innocent people. Indeed your post is an awareness call to all domainers.
  6. MapleDots

    MapleDots Top Contributor VIP

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    Any way you can share dollar amounts?

    What was sent.... how much was recovered?

    Damn this is always a black eye on the industry.
    Personally I have never dealt outside of Canada or the US and I feel much more comfortable with that because I can come knocking on your door.

    TERADOMAIN VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    Thanks for sharing. We all can learn something from this how to avoid this situation in future.

    If it is wire transfer means it is traceable. Please call Bank tomorrow again. They may help you in that regard. WesternUnion has less chance to recover. Paypal friends and family has less chance, but keep trying.

  8. karmaco

    karmaco Top Contributor VIP

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    Sorry to hear about this but it goes without saying but I’ll say it. You know better. A domain like that would never go cheap. I barely trust people for small transactions because you never know who you are dealing with. Would never buy or sell significant amount through anything but an escrow service. Thanks for sharing.
  9. CryptoInvestor

    CryptoInvestor Experienced Investor VIP

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    So you’re out how much exactly? 6k? Thats terrible... so sorry about that but that was very very obvious that it was a scam. I hope you get your money back! I’d buy a plane ticket and meet in person if he wants to play that game. Wouldn’t be the first time lol
  10. Tshombe

    Tshombe VIP

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    Damn! I feel for you mate. I hope you'll still be able to get some of that back. And I hope this Barbie88 is not a member of NP or any other domaining forum. Glad you tracked down that SOB down. I would've smashed his face in lol
  11. tupungato

    tupungato Wizard VIP

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    One thing is for sure: I disagree that Paypal should give better support when using the option "family and friends". Choosing this option removes Paypal fees, but also removes protection.

    Other than that, thank you for being a good person and sharing this story.
  12. -AR-

    -AR- Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Sorry to hear and thank you for informing us. I doubt there is anyone here that hasn't been scammed before, some for a small amount others for more. I am afraid there are people who make a living out of this and no matter how good we think we are they find ways to out smart us sometimes. So don't feel too stupid. My friend fell for a similar scam a while back, although it had nothing to do with domains the person who scammed him was from Nigeria. He only told me after he sent the money because I had told him that it was a scam when he was talking on what up, but he didn't believe me and did not want me to stop him. So he ended up sending some money and then tell me, by which point I told him to stop sending anymore money because it was a scam.

    Do watch the greed though, most of the time whatever is too good to be true is probably not true. I hope it was an amount you can afford to lose.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  13. Mahouni

    Mahouni Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    You just don't buy domains with Western Union...

    Thanks for sharing
  14. Jv1999

    Jv1999 Wander Aimlessly: Redeemed Knight of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    At first I was surprised that you got scammed this hard by sending that kind of money through paypal...

    ...but then I was even more surprised at the ending, IT WAS LIKE READING A BONUS SCRIPT FROM

    You actually found the scammer irl and got your money back :O. No one has ever done that ever on NP (I think?)

    ur not someone who anyone would mess with :D

    on ONE note though, my mind kept screaming, "USE EPIK! USE NAMESILO!" the first time I read "can't use escrow" and onwards, I just kept thinking USE EPIK.

    I want to bring awareness to Epik and Namesilo. If you simply ask the person with the domain (could be you, could be the other party) to transfer the domain to either of these two registrars, then set up a sales page.... it's an instant escrow.

    What happens is, there's a buy now button. And as soon as the paying party pays, the domain is auto-pushed to their account. No headaches, no complications, no risks of being scammed. Nothing.

    That's what I'm planning to do with any buyer/seller who goes, "Ohhh how do I guarantee I'll get the money/domain?" If they don't want to trust me, then I send them instructions for Epik.
  15. alcy

    alcy Top Contributor VIP

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    good to share of you.
    luckily most people will get out of it way before you did. (too many red flags)
    but if you can save one person then you already made your good karma!

  16. Haykay2005

    Haykay2005 Top Contributor VIP

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    That's serious. When something is too good to true, then watch your back
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  17. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr VIP

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    You must feel so violated. I can't imagine how you must feel. I have always enjoyed your posts and I know you have had to work hard for what you have.

    I am astounded that you would take that risk. I guess she...he..??? got the best of you this time.

    Sorry for your loss, but there should never be a reason to do what you did.

    I have never been scammed and never will.

    No domain, and I repeat, no domain, is worth it.

    Stick to the rules you know are fair and safe. If anyone does not understand, then on to the next.

    For anyone reading this post, you may copy and paste the following any time you see the need:

    "I would never, never, ever send more money to anyone without knowing who they are. If you do not want to or cannot use escrow, for any reason, you must give me the domain first. Otherwise we have nothing more to discuss.

    I sincerely hope we can complete the transaction but these terms are non-negotiable."
  18. frostify

    frostify Top Contributor VIP

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    I'm sorry for your loss, hopefully your story can help prevent other's from similar situations if there's any "good" to come from this :(

    I recommend to anyone to use escrow for ANY member if the deal is over $500, and to use Escrow for all deals worth more than you're willing to loose if they are not established in the community. A user with no feedback is a HUGE red-flag and any user who is against using Escrow is a red flag as you stated in your story.

    Not directly related, but use 2 factor authentication on your domain accounts to protect your assets! Almost lost a but was only saved by 2 factor auth.

    As for OP
    "I am doing this knowing I will be ridiculed."

    Absolutely not. We are all human and we all make mistakes.


    Another possible option, you be able to use a MM (middle man), for example maybe moderators here at NamePros although I'm not sure they offer such services.

    Escrow services I recommend: (By far the most trusted and recognized) ( Transactions) (I've used them once for a $500 transaction with no issues)
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  19. ValleyRock

    ValleyRock Sales and Outreach

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    You live and you learn.

    And, it not about the Nigerians. Its about patterns.

    Life is about patterns. Now, you can recognize this pattern.

    Without a doubt, it will give you an edge in this business and in life.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  20. Haris

    Haris Best Domainer Of The End-Times VIP

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    I don't get how could someone who doesn't own use the email [email protected] ?!?!?!?
  21. frostify

    frostify Top Contributor VIP

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    It is surprisingly easy and there are a LOT of sites that allow you to fake sender in an email for free, although I will not list them here, they are literally a google search away.

    I encourage you guys in similar situations to use the "compose" button in your email and MANUALLY type out the supposed email if you're trying to authenticate an email address. Do not just hit "reply". Also, MANUALLY check the email address at the top.

    Another thing I want to point out for those really "premium" domains, top of the top like,,,,, and many more. There is a free email provider called which allows ANYONE to register email addresses with these premium domains such as "[email protected]" or "[email protected]". These are just random examples but you can also check if a domain is offered by checking the sign up page at, if it is on that list, it is likely a scam if they are trying to sell the domain by trying to verify via email message.

    Also in such a situation you could be saved by only sticking to an Escrow transaction ;)
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  22. Corey

    Corey GDBR. com VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    @uglydork was the money yours or your financial backer?

  23. Aspiring Billionaire

    Aspiring Billionaire Established Member

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    Sorry to hear. And thanks for sharing.
  24. AnthonyD

    AnthonyD Optimal Names VIP

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    Anyone can be scammed. Doesnt matter age, gender, race, religious or not... I know a very intelligent person who belongs to Mensa who has been scammed. Fell right for it.

    Sad that this happened @uglydork thank you for sharing. Everyone can learn from this.
  25. stewmath

    stewmath Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Ouch, im a newbie and even i wouldnt have fell for that one bro

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