advice I purchased a domain that is potentially UDPR, does anyone have experience with this?

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I bought a domain that has potential to be UDPR'd, but is also a legitimate one-word domain. I don't want to post it here but can share it over PM. I'm wondering if anyone has gone down this road before and can provide some guidance over PM, on whether I should renew the domain or just accept that I made a mistake getting involved and should let it go. I know many would say not to get involved, but I'm wondering if anyone has taken the other approach and has some experience with the "ins and outs" of these types of situations.

I paid 20 for the domain and it costs 20 to renew. I have questions like, should I renew it, where can I sell it, and how I can best avoid UDPR situations if I decide to sell it. Thanks in advance for your time.
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