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I went to bed the other night and fell asleep quickly , the next thing i knew i was just walking along and accross the road was a well dressed gent holding up a sign saying ... will work for domains. I smiled and continued up towards the shopping center , i had a quick look in the domain estate shop , but didn't see anything i liked ..... so i went accross to the domain cafe and grabbed a bowl of domain soup , it was nice. As i left the domain cafe i bumped into a busker who was singing 'the domaining blues' ..... i threw a few domains into his hat and continued to the convenience shop, where i grabbed some domain dogfood and i also purchased some domain swap cards (i nearly have the whole set) i then started the journey home after looking at some domain fashions.... on the way i passed the park where i could see some kids , having fun , just kicking a few domains about. I finally got home and fed the domain dog , i then turned on the domain tv so i could watch the domain news ....... then i was all of a sudden i was back in my bed .... in the dark , i looked over at my domain digital clock it was 4:17 a.m and was then i realized .......... i've been domain dreaming ............ again !
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you can't even search for the word "domain" on namepros, it's too common.
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