🌻 I am very happy using Brave browser with DuckDuckGo search engine!

Located in Reviews, started by Welberch, Jan 26, 2020


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  2. Gube

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    Now the big question, are you also using their reward system (Brave Rewards) ?
  3. 🌻 DuckDuckGo search engine doesn't track you.

    🌻 Brave browser blocks almost all ads.

  4. Gube

    Gube - βœ” Staff

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    I see, their monetizing system could have been better; sending ad notifications.. not the best
    And also works on mobile :)
  5. Bye bye Google, DuckDuckGo is here!
  6. Jona4s

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    DuckDuckGo uses Google (and Bing) as its search engine.

    DDG is not a real search engine, rather an aggregator of different search engines.

    Also, Brave browser is based on Chromium (from Google). So if anything, both technologies you mention are giving Google more market share.
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  7. Ryan217

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    I use Firefox and DuckDuckGo.myself.
  8. frank-germany

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    good you don't need any parking income
    and don't monetize any of your domains
  9. Especially on a mobile :) However, I had to replace their build-in adblock with good old uBlock Origin. This way it works even better, and it is also possible to add custom rules if something is missed.
    It would also be wise to debloat Brave, as they now tend to replace google surveillance with theirs:
    However, if you replace their start page with an empty one ( such as with Blank New Tab Page extension), block ( by adding it with IP to /etc/hosts on linux or to c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts on windows), and peform a number of build-in config settings - it would be OK. Maybe the only usable chrome-based browser nowadays :)
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  10. novasyd

    novasyd Established Member

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    Welcome to 2020
  11. 🎡 No more Google in my life..
  12. Are you happy with your parking revenue share? πŸ‘πŸ
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  13. MapleDots

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    I installed the Brave browser and it annoyed me, what the hell are points and all that crap.
    I just want to browse, I had no interest in learning about anything else.

    I went back to Chrome with installed.
    I also run Adguard on my router and it filters ads or porn at the router level as well.

    Then I installed AdGuard on my Pixel phone and t removes every ad in the browser and in every app and it does not require root. Google booted them from the google store so you have to go to to get it.

    Now I see no ads anywhere, browser, phone, apps etc. If an ad ever goes through I right click the element and say block and I never see that add again.

    There are some sites that change some part of the element every time it loads and for those site you can just select block similar elements and poof they are gone as well.

    AdGuard is my fave and it has some pretty intense privacy settings and filters if you dive in. Should be no reason for anything else if you go through the settings.
  14. You may disable the stuff you do not need. Such as rewards to begin with!

    Chrome? It is data collection terminal ;-( Even with Adguard. Adguard by itself is fine, but...
    This is what Brave does - :

    Google accounts integration ("GAIA") is disabled

    All features that send data to Google are removed from settings

    DNS prefetching is disabled

    Chrome Google URL Tracker is disabled

    Domain service reliability is disabled

    Inline extensions are disabled

    Background sync is disabled

    Hyperlink ping attribute is disabled

    Battery API is disabled

    WebBluetooth API is disabled

    WebRTC debug log uploading is disabled

    WebXR is disabled

    Uploading settings after resetting profile is disabled

    Retrieving OEM default settings after resetting profile is disabled

    Tracing crash log uploading is disabled

    Google Cloud Messaging is disabled

    Firebase Cloud Messaging is disabled

    Push client channel updates are disabled

    Network time tracker is disabled

    Google-assisted address normalization is disabled

    RAPPOR log uploading is disabled

    Specific features are disabled on startup via the CLI (search for disabled_features)

    Remove repository from Linux packages

    Disable metrics reporting

    Disable field trials

    Disable Lookalike URLs Navigation Suggestions

    Services We Proxy Through Brave Servers

    Google does not receive any information about which client is performing these requests (not even your IP address).

    SafeBrowsing requests are proxied

    Geolocation requests are proxied

    Plugin updates are proxied

    Certificate revocation requests are proxied

    Page translation requests are proxied and replaced with Microsoft cognitive services (currently disabled by ENABLE_BRAVE_TRANSLATE_GO build flag)

    Requests for CRLSets are proxied

    Requests for component updates are proxied

    Requests for spellcheck dictionaries are proxied

    Cookies are given a maximum lifetime of 7 days for cookies set through Javascript and 6 months for cookies set through HTTP

    Referrer values are modified in the following ways

    cross-origin requests for iframes and sub-resources have their referrer set to be the origin of the requested resource

    cross-origin navigations have no referrer at all

    same-origin requests of all kinds have the same behavior as Chromium

    Media Router Extension (Chromecast) is disabled by default. You can turn it on by toggling the switch in brave://settings.

    Plugins, sensors and background-sync page permissions are disabled by default. Users can override these using the usual page permission settings.

    Download protection remote lookups are currently disabled (

    Remote debugging is disabled by default. Can be toggled on brave://settings/privacy (implemented with This will hit Google servers and is not proxied (yet). There is an issue created for proxying and enabling this by default.
  15. MapleDots

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    Very informative post, shows just how much google tracks.

    Unfortunately I use google apps, the google cloud service, and a slew of other google services for my business. I also use google link to keep family controls on my kids phones.

    So i'm a little too entrenched to cut off especially because the kids also use google for all the school homework in google classroom as well. Heck I only have one windows computer and even my business computers are chromebases.

    I guess I traded privacy for reliability but I have never once lost an ounce of business data and I run 4 businesses on the google backbone.
  16. But, you may at least use a better browser (Brave or Bromite) on a phone :)
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  17. Ryan217

    Ryan217 Established Member

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    I use office365 for that. In part to keep off of google and in pay b because word and excel are much better than Google docs and sheets.
  18. BrandsOpen

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    Been using Brave on mobile and devices for a long time.

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