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    Exactly, not seeking any real growth, only to look back and justify their own buys. Quite a waste of Mr. Howes valuable time and the time of people who wanted to actually learn and get guidance from him.
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    I am glad you stopped by here and offered your time. I am sure it helps you learn as well. Seeing your appraisals on other names helps me with some of my names.
    Sometimes when I register a name I think of a project I want to do with it rather than selling it but am rather stuck on getting that off and running for a variety of reasons.
    I seem to be able to wrap my head around the shopify thing but the Amazon affiliate (and others) sites have got me a little more confused as far as the path to take. It seems getting the site up and running with good content is first, then you apply but I can't seem to wrap my head around getting something up and running with the intent of having affiliate links in it without having the affiliate links in it. It just seems backwards but of course I understand the need for the affiliates wanting to see a quality site going before partnering up with it.

    Do you add the links and some of the content needed for this later? I guess you have to but it seems to stall my though process of getting anything started. Am I just overthinking it? Any suggestions on how to get this up and running? I hope that makes sense.
    I look forward to following this thread. I just ran across it today and missed your chat sessions. Hope to see one in the future.
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    Dear Page I can see, this as a very big assignments for you.

    Please what do you think about the following domains

    Thanks before hand
  4. awwalmb

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    Hello Page,

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. Please kindly appraise / advise me on these: -

    Buyer Main .com
    Bull Seekers .com

    Thank you.

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