I am a domain novice, there are two new question for you

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  1. xoyofly

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    1) want to know where you can see the current market price of the current domain name?
    2)Want to buy cheap domain name, want to buy on the website?
    I have to go to the godaddy expired domain name auction, the price is very high, (4 clinch a deal the price above $330
    Ask everybody to help me, thank you
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  2. aramyus

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    You can have a look at and to see the current market price for domains (it's currently on a dropping trend)
  3. Michael

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    Thanks @aramyus for the mention. More specifically, you would search the pattern of "LLLL" (without quotes) and set the extension to ".com". Here's a quick link:

    There are also subcategories within the category. For example Chinese premiums don't contain a vowel or V and lately have been the most valuable. You can search for these on our site using the pattern "PPPP". Then there are Western premium which don't have letters like XQZ etc., you can find these using the pattern "WWWW". There are CVCV (like which are very valuable, to search for those you enter CVCV. There are repeaters (like which you could search for using "ABBA" as the pattern.

    So you'll see that pricing a 4L can be a little complicated, as you need to figure out first what type it is, and then search for similar ones. If you buy on a marketplace that other domain investors use, like GoDaddy or NameJet, you're going to end up paying fair market value or more, with rare exception where you get lucky and people miss the end of the auction. The ways you can find deals are negotiating with sellers on places like NamePros, or buying in bulk from someone. is a pretty high-risk space for a novice to be jumping in to so be careful.
  4. namerav

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    You can find good here at Namepros and check domain name sales thread here or at Namebio.
  5. trp3

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    Be sure to bookmark them. ;)

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