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    Domain - Hubover[dot]com
    Registrar - Godaddy inc.
    Renewal Price - $10
    Renewal Date - 14 August, 2019
    Payment Options - Payoneer
    Domain Age: 6 Years [Bought 12-Dec-2011]

    Why to buy
    • 6 Years old. Registered since 2011
    • Get free Logo + Whole branding. That includes, 2 logo types, banners, wallpapers, design vectors, color combos etc.
    • Hubover has been used in a startup, a forum and now a tech agency.
    • Hubover is niche, brandable and unique name. It sounds good for tech companies, business agencies or any forum.
    • Its cheap, $1500 is the BIN price and bidding starts from $50. I want to sell it urgently so early biddings would have a higher chance of winning the bid.
    Hubover Co.
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