How to sell domains?

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  1. Amar Partap Saini

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    Gud Eve Friends,
    I have just entered in domain business. First I bought names without doing any research and planning.I bought following domains:,,,,

    After this I studied some articles on domain investment and bought following names:

    But not getting any sale demotivating me.
    Friends tell me how to do my first sale?
    Please also suggest me threads where I can learn more about domain investment.
    How to buy domains ?How to sell them?
    Are my domains having any value?

    Thanks Friends for helping me.
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  2. Jess Robison

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    @Amar Partap Saini is a great Registrar that offers a Marketplace to list domains for sale, lease, and finance. We also have new SSL parking landers that are clean looking. I would encourage you to visit and check out what we have to offer. Here is an example of a domain setup in our Marketplace using one of the SSL parking landers:
    You are welcome to reach out to me directly at [email protected] if you would like to discuss further, I would be happy to work with you.
  3. MintDice

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    There's many ways, either advertise heavily, have a good domain that people want to buy, use an aggregator service or anything else. It's not an an easy business since many people do this, but if you are smart and hard working about it you can eventually find some success. But finding success immediately just simply won't happen, so don't expect it to. If it were that easy, everyone would do it.
  4. myfavorite

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    Spend more time to study so you can have idea of what domain is valuable and sales. You need a lot of patience in this line of business.

    You may avoid investing fund you will need in short term.
  5. Domain nl

    Domain nl New Member

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    I know it is difficult to sell to endusers

    Patience is the word.

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