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    How can I make sure my priced domains (without mls/dsl) appear on searches at most registrars (all of the top registrars).
    Godaddy is the biggest one, but domains listed on Afternic quite often don't appear on Godaddy searches. ...

    People use tools they are familiar with so, if I say (in my outbounding email), you can buy this domain by clicking this link, or by visiting the domain, or searching Dynadot etc, they seem to be uncomortable with it and instead go to their favorite registrar. If this is the case I would price all my domains, and mention my domains in outbounding emails (and forget about it, the rest is their job).

    In the past seo spammers would submit our web sites to 1000 search engines at low cost !. 1000 is too much, I would need a few, largest registrar in each wealthy country would be enough. Like Godaddy, 1and1, Ovh, etc.

    Also, can I be sure, if there is an inquiry via a registrar, I'm negotiating with the enduser directly, and not with a middleman who is trying to buy and sell a domain which he doesn't own.
    At Sedo, buyers who request invoices seem to be ones which are flippers. This is a very strange phenomena. They seem to be trying to avoid legal actions in case we figure out what the hell was going on (but still it doesn't make sense).
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