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I have google analytics with the measurement ID connected to my profile. Every domain I'm selling goes to a landing page, my seller profile as well as my other offers are not public, and I am trying to figure out the visitor's statistics, especially how to know how many or which of them are in fact bots or crawlers.

Let's take a domain like which I registered almost as a joke, and which is accounting several visits from china throughout the last couple of days, and I doubt that it is that attractive or even that anyone will find it by figuring out the domain itself.

Is there a way to figure it out, what would be the tell of crawlers, bots showing up in analytics? According to analytics, the overwhelming number of my visitors come directly, and a tiny fraction via facebook or baidu.

Thanks for your help, as always much appreciated.
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For example lately, I had like 20 visits on a day from china to a domain lander with a name specific to German (vetmed/gpt/com). I can’t imagine them being organic users. Or to another site that had similar visits from china the first day after I handregged them and put them on I guess they are mostly from crawlers that keep an eye on ai themed domains…?
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Cant help with question at hand but not hard to find your listings.
Not via biglybonus either
After I will look at my analytics and see whats happening. None my names are at dan, just looking for pattern
thanks let me know if you need more info.

In this context, it was super interesting to see the difference in traffic between linked vs. hidden listings (those that can only be accessed via direct traffic). With all my domains accessible via Dan seller’s profile, mostly those .com domains were most visited that I had favoured because of their use cases like rendering/ai or architects/gpt, parents/gpt. Then I wanted to see which sites get most direct hits, without internal links, and there were big changes: overall traffic dropped by half and the order of domains changed quite a bit. I had one surprising .com come to the top and stay there, some other .coms at the top like some of my favorites, but they were followed by almost all my very few xyz domains which were more in the middle section before.

also, there is a big difference in the page ranks between dan and google analytics. i guess due to different internal metrics at dan.
MasterofMyDomains, what did you mean by domains not hard to find, biglybonus either...?