How to Deal with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking ?

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tim ericsson

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Now, Mostly names are trademarked (Some are live/abandoned/dead), You can't do business now or in future. For domain investors, situation is worst if you hold a old domain name but someone have now trademarked it can sue you via UDRP or Court Action So what if it can be simply called Reverse domain hijacking, We have seen most cases UDRP Decisions in favour of complainant & the more worst situation is if you're not rich enough to fight in Court or against UDRP Decisions. Now these days UDRP is scam.
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Queen.com "Reverse Domain Name Hijacking" by Frands Jepsen of Knud Jepsen, Denmark, Foiled by WIPO

Source - ricksblog.com
if you're not rich enough to fight in Court

Well, as you note in your second post, apparently some of those who are rich enough to fight in court prefer Twitter tantrums and angry blog posts instead of legal action.