How Should I Develop This Domain? thread

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  1. Tia Wood

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    Welcome to the 'How Should I Develop This Domain?' thread.


    1. Post up to 10 domains that you have an interest in developing.
    2. Add an estimated budget per domain. Range is fine.
    3. Post your technical experience.

    The community will reply with resources, advice and strategy on how to build your domain according to your budget and technical skills.


    Budget: $xxx - $XXX per domain
    Experience: mid level
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  2. Riz M.

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    I have few but mostly i m interested in developing my domains

    Budget we have of xxxx-xxxxx but depends hows your idea and potential

    1. have 4000-5000 monthly visitors (i m not interested in developing this for porn industry)

    2. i have contacted some app developers to make some app like any more ideas would be welcome.

    3. UBL.COM this one is getting 10k traffic unique each month
    Having plan to start services of providing b2b leads to businesses for finding business leads we have team we are working right on this but if you guys have better idea please share 🤗🤗

    Experience i have just medium
    Riz M
  3. Tia Wood

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    Be careful with that. I'm not a lawyer but double check that there aren't any trademark issues if developed into a similar app. Other than that, you could always do a content/informational based website to collect newsletter signups while you wait for the app development.

    Resources for this subject is all over the place and I can see information presented according to each state. You can also do a "stop smoking" drip campaign that helps someone through their first 6 weeks. To help spread virally, you can have a "Stop Smoking Challenge" that users can post to social media.

    Unfortunately, I do not have ideas for the others but maybe someone else can give you direction.

    Hope this helps!

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