How much does UDRP cost with legal fees?

Located in Legal Discussion, started by Brandon1, Jul 13, 2016


  1. Brandon1

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    I own a domain name that has part of a term a company has trademark. I researched it and saw them lose court cases against other people due to it becoming a genericized trademark. They do not own the exact trade mark of the domain i own, it's blank right now, and it could easily be used for something non related since their word is very basic. I was contacted by them dropping hints of trademark threats and wanted to purchase it but they did not have an attorney contact me. I told them they can email an offer and they sent a weak slap in the face offer.

    My question is what would it cost them if they wanted to pursue it? I don't mind selling it to them but I would definitely want to get what I have into it and not hand it over for peanuts. I paid low-mid 4 figures for the domain.
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  2. KunKon

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    $2k range.
  3. Jurgen Wolf

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    $1,500 for application (non-refundable fee) + additional costs = usually no more than $5K.
  4. Shams

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    Ask $1400 or less for your domain and I'm pretty sure they will buy it because it's still below UDRP fee. Many companies likely to buy these kind of domains if they know the seller name doesn't match exactly with their TM and they could probably lose the case and fee and cases also d grade there reputation.

    2nd thought : they may be follow UDRP to set an example ... instead of paying you..

    Good Luck. All we can do to give you possible scenario ideas.

    Keep us update.
  5. deez007

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    The thing is though, if the you only have part the trademark in your name and you say it's now become a generic term plus they have also lost a few claims already to other people then maybe your domain should be fairly safe and they are merely trying their luck by using scare tactics on you.

    Reply back and say that you have consulted your legal advisors and you are not in breach of any trademark regulations. Then smack them with your
  6. Brandon1

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    Thanks guys. I got them to offer and it was in the hundreds range so I turned it down. Still have not heard back.

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