discuss How many domain names do you have now?

Just hit 125 for domaining.

Also have 1 for my website, 1 for my wife's website, 1 for my band's website.

So..128 total right now that I can barely manage - don't know how you all manage thousands of domains!

Manage thousands of domains is not difficult. I once have about 1,5000 domains, most of them are .com, I developed a script to manage them online.

You can use EXCEL to manage your domains, the number of 128 is not large, I think you can do it well.
I have 4,852 domains now. (4,637 .com and 200+ others)

Wow! You have a very large portfolio!
Renew all per year? Is enough money only for renew.
With this amount, I thinks that domaining is your main job, yes?

My portfolio about 200 domains.
60% gTLDs. Manage all via excel. Renew about 80-90%
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