information How Dynadot's Todd Han Turned a One Man Show Into One of the World's Fastest Growing Domain Registrars

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After launching Dynadot in 2002, Todd Han ran the domain registrar by himself from a home office for 3 years. Today he has over 60 team members serving more than 100,000 customers around the world and, with 4.5 million domains under management, Dynadot is one of the industry's fastest growing registrars. A new Cover Story at details how Todd did it:
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Impressive and inspirational. Despite the success, he's stayed true to his original mission.
I didn't know about this registrar until 2018. Imagine what a great and brave thing it is for someone to stick with something for 16 years. His success is inevitable. dyna is a great registrar, and it would be even better if it could eschew servers and privacy policies in the CN region.