How do you control that rush of excitement when you first make money online?

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    It was my last year in high school, and I remember meeting some guy from the US online, and he gave me a simple job (white hat) to do for a month and paid me $20 for it. That was the first time ever I got paid online, and I remember getting a rush of thrilling feelings beyond explanation. Oh, and over here in India $20 translates to roughly Rs.1000 and that was a big amount for a kid at that time :)

    I'm sure most of you from the US/UK and such countries might have earned much more when you first cracked the $$$ jinx online. I'm sure you might have felt the same as me. How did you go about controlling that rush? I remember not being able to focus on anything else the day I got my money; I had the money in my hand and absolutely no idea what to do with it. Am I making any sense? ;)
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